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CZ Varmint .17 Mach 2 rifle review

CZ Varmint .17 Mach 2 rifle: With price and presentation on the money, some guns have what it takes. ST reviews the CZ Varmint rifle, arguably the best-buy .17 Mach 2 rimfire on the market

Winchester Coyote Lite .22-250 rifle review

Winchester Coyote Lite .22-250 rifle: Lite in name, and in nature, this new rifle from Winchester is designed for the true hunter, with synthetic weather resistance. ST tests the Coyote Lite .22-250.

Savage Model 16 .243 rifle review

Savage Model 16 .243 rifle review: Satin-finished it may be, but Bruce Potts takes a shine to the reliable, adjustable trigger and consistent accuracy of Savage’s Model 16 .243 stalking rifle.

Weatherby Vanguard .257 Magnum rifle review

Weatherby Vanguard .257 Magnum rifle review: An all-American stalking rifle with no ideas above its station or price range, ST reviews the unpretentious Weatherby Vanguard, and finds it more than capable.