Bruce Potts is impressed with Ruger's budget model

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Ruger American Ranch rifle


Ruger American Ranch rifle


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I have the highest respect for Ruger rifles. I have owned and tested many over the years, with the Ruger No.1 being my all-time favourite factory rifle. The manufacturer continue to surprise and innovate in the rifle world and, with the shift to markets producing cheaper or more cost-effective models, Ruger has done it again.

Much like the Remington Model 783 that I tested a few months ago  this Ruger American Ranch rifle is cheaper than its mainstay Hawkeye models but it gives nothing up in terms of quality and shootability. This Ranch is to appeal to shooters who like and need a carbine-sized rifle yet retains all the accuracy and power of the full-sized version.

Ruger American Ranch rifle

The Ranch offers accuracy and dependability in the field. Bruce shot an injured Chinese water deer buck.

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  2. 2. A shorter-barrelled and framed rifle makes perfect sense
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  4. 4. Almost ambidextrous to use
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