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Sauer Apollon reviewed by Sporting Gun

Over the past few years Sauer have seen several gaps in the market and have released more affordable guns without losing the quality of product

Sauer Apollon laser engraving

Sauer Apollon

Overall Rating: 90%

Manufacturer: Sauer

Price as reviewed: £1,550

It’s time to break out some game guns to show you all in anticipation for the forthcoming game season. This month I’ve been lucky enough to be given the new Sauer Apollon to take a look at.

As with most companies, you need to release something new every year for the big shows and this year I’m pleased to say that Sauer has released two new shotguns. Now, normally, Sauer shotguns are way out of my price range, but when the Apollon was brought over I was a little excited as I finally could get my hands on a Sauer that is affordable.

Both game guns

The Apollon and the Artemis are both game guns and are available in 12 and 20-bore and in 28in or 30in. I was given a 30in Apollon to take a look at.

Sauer Apollon shotgun

The gun’s stock and fore-end are a nice grained Turkish walnut

Looking at the Sauer Apollon

With RRPs from £1,550 to £1,750 depending on spec, it’s definitely pitched at the right price in the market. At a little less than the Browning 725 or Beretta 690, it will certainly get a lot of interest. The gun comes in the standard maker’s plastic case with a set of five flush fit chokes and a warranty booklet. I found it went together smoothly and handled nicely.

Apollon chokes

The Apollon comes with a set of five flush fit chokes and key

The stock and fore-end were a nice grained Turkish walnut.  I liked the Prince of Wales grip and the fact that there was no palm swell or cast, which is a plus for me being left-handed. It mounted nicely in either shoulder although a little high in the comb for me naturally, but with some adjustment I got there in the end. The four-lock Anson action was plain black with the Sauer logo situated on the hinge pin. Understated but nicely done with the laser engraving on the underside of the action being a lot nicer than some of the laser etchings on other makes.

The chequering was nicely lined and well cut, but it was a little shallow for me with a feel of a well-used gun as opposed to new – if you know what I mean! The single selective safety was a nice size and very positive in its movement. Although strangely for a game gun it didn’t have an automatic safety – not that that bothered me because whenever I borrow my good lady’s 20-bore game gun on a day out I’m always forgetting to take the safety off!

Sauer Artemis chequering

Although it felt a little shallow, the chequering was nicely lined and well cut

Ladies gun – Sauer Artemis

Speaking of ladies. This is where I mention the Sauer “Artemis”, which has been brought specifically to market for the lady shooter.  I get a lot of ladies coming for tuition and most of them will struggle a little with the standard shotgun.

The Artemis has the same four lock action and barrels, but fitted with a Monte Carlo stock and red recoil pad. Giving a length of pull around 13.6in, the stock is also shaped to take in the ladies figuring.

chrome lined shotgun barrels

The chrome-lined barrels were nicely put together and steel proofed with 3in chambers


The 30in chrome-lined barrels were nicely put together and the ejectors were crisp as you’d expect from a new gun. The barrels, like most nowadays, are steel proof and the chambers are 3in should you get the odd duck drive, flightpond or wildfowling option. Although I would never take something that nice out on the marsh. 
The 8mm rib led down the standard game gun brass bead.

Tech spec

  • Overall length 47in
  • Barrel length 30in
  • LOP 15in (13.6in Artemis)
  • Drop comb/heel 35mm to 55mm
  • Weight 7lb 4oz
  • Heel to toe 130mm


Well put together and thought out. I think the ladies out there should take a good look, and if the option to try one out is available you should take it. Everyone I have spoken to said how well it shot and it was greatly received at the Northern Shooting Show earlier this year.

Scores on the doors

  • Build Quality 22/25
  • Handling 23/25
  • Styling 22/25
  • Value for money 23/25

More information: Blaser Sporting 


Well put together and thought out - women shooters should definitely take a look at the Artemis version