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Looking at the versatile ZEISS Victory V8 range

Bruce Potts trains his sights on the versatile ZEISS Victory V8 4.8-35x60mm ASV rifle scope

ZEISS V8 range

Zeiss V8 range

Price as reviewed: £3,200

The Zeiss V8 range sports four models that utilise, as the name suggests, a power range of eight magnification, that is to say, 1.1-8x30mm, 1.8-14x50mm, 2.8-20x56mm or on test is their 4.8-35x60mm V8 model.

A premium scope designed to be as capable in woodland at close range as it is reaching out across the hill for small distant targets. That versatility extends with this model as it sports the bullet drop compensating (BDC) or ASV system, ensuring precise shot placement at long range. Add to this a generous reticle adjustment range due to the 36mm body tube and one of the finest and brightest illuminated dot systems on a rifle scope yet. You get all this innovation in a short and compact construction for better handling in the field for £3,200.

ZEISS V8 range scope

The large 60mm objective lens and Scott HT lens sstem are useful features

Specification of the Zeiss V8 range

Despite its large magnification range, this scope is delightfully compact; its overall length is only 402mm and it weighs 830g. This results in a well-balanced feel and very solid/robust scope with options of tube or rail mounting that makes it adaptable to mount on any length action size.

The objective lens is a very generous 60mm diameter, achieving an exit pupil — light contacting your eye — with a huge 9.9mm (4.8x power) and 1.4mm for the 35x magnification. This allows a very quick target acquisition when you mount the rifle and clear sight picture.

This is further enhanced by very good twilight factors of 13.6 and 45.8 for 4.8x and 35 magnifications respectively. Although the light might be dimmer at 35x the image is still clear and sharp for recognition and aim. This is no mean feat and is largely due to Zeiss’s use of Schott HT glass.

Not only does this mean very sharp, detailed, lifelike images but it also enables shots at the highest magnification — even at range when the light is failing and if the weather turns nasty.

ZEISS V8 range

The Zeiss Victory V8 4.8-35x60mm scope is neat and compact

Big tube

Build quality is second to none and at the heart of the Zeiss V8 range scope is the oversized body tube of 36mm that allows a larger range of reticle movement and hence 130cm elevation and 85cm windage correction at 100m.

Individual click adjustments are metric and use the finer 0.5cm or 5mm per click at 100m. Unlike the smaller V8 scopes of 1cm, it restricts total range but allows a more precise adjustment at the higher magnifications. which I like.

This model also sports the ASV or Zeiss bullet drop compensation system. You have nine differing ballistic turret dials or foils so you can fit a specific numbered trajectory dial easily that matches your ballistics from your factory or reloaded cartridges. A zero-stop feature also allows a precise tactile return to initial zero.

To stop accidental zero change, each turret has to be pulled up to adjust then drops down and locks. Parallax adjustment from 50m to infinity for those close or long-range shots at higher magnifications use a left side mounted control which also houses the illuminated reticle battery.

ZEISS V8 range

The V8 features a generous reticle adjustment range

Zeiss uses an isolated illumination source producing an ultra fine but highly visible floating red dot in all shooting scenarios. The push button illumination controls are sited on top of the eyepiece where the dial is simply rotated to change intensity with a last setting memory and auto shut-off too.

Reticle choice is small either a Mil dot or No 60, the latter being the best. There is no need for Mil dot on an ASV model.


The Zeiss V8 range offers the ultimate in optical quality, providing great versatility in a very hunter-friendly and bombproof construction. You can rely on them to stay zeroed in any climate and the ASV trajectory compensating system to adjust exactly to your new point of aim and then back again. Yes, £3,200 might seem high but once bought there is no need to buy another scope, just enjoy shooting.

Tech specs

  • Model Victory V8 ASV
  • Magnification 4.8-35x mag
  • Exit pupil 9.9mm and 1.4mm (4.8-35 mag)
  • Twilight factor 13.6 and 45.8 (4.8-35 mag)
  • Tube diameter 36mm
  • Eye relief 95mm
  • Parallax free 50m to infinity
  • Total adjustment range at 100m height 130cm
  • Total adjustment range at 100m windage 85cm
  • Adjustment per click 0.5cm at 100m
  • Length 402mm
  • Weight 830gm
  • Illumination Yes
  • Reticule Mil-dot or Zeiss 60

Impressive grouping with the V8

Field testing the Zeiss V8 range

I used an RPA rifle in .223 Rem and with my chosen reload the corresponding ASV turret number 2 closely mimicked its trajectory. Zeroed at 100m, I had a drop of -3.8cm at 200 and -23.1cm at 300m, which the ASV No 2 ring equated to -4.0cm and -24.0cm respectively. So, all I had to do was laser range, find the target, adjust the ASV to that range setting and I was bang on. Simple.

Now for internal adjustment precision. Shooting ‘the box’ and zoom test tests repeatable internal linear adjustments.

Zeroed at 100m with three shots I then adjusted 8cm up, that is 16 clicks, and shot three more, then clicked 8cm right, three shots, 8cm down and another three shots, then 8cm left and the last three shots went exactly into the first group. The box was square, proving precise adjustment.

The zoom test involved the shooting of two shots at differing power settings of 4.8, 10, 20 and 35x at 100m and as you can see (below) all shots grouped perfectly together, so absolute precision and confidence at any power setting.

In the field the V8’s vast magnification range is very handy in woods or on a hill with its outstanding optical quality being the best you will find on any scope on the market today. Images are superbly detailed with high definition with no aberrations at all. And the true-life colour with the HT lens and multi-layer coatings will get that last drop of light to your eye.


Zeiss has reached new levels of excellence with its premium Victory HT range of scope that uses the latest Schott glass HT (high transmission) lenses. Now a 92% light transmission provides a superior image for clarity even at the highest magnification and exceptional low light capability.