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Webley 912K shotgun review

Webley 912K shotgun

Webley 912K shotgun

Overall Rating: 91%

Manufacturer: Webley & Scott

Price as reviewed: £775

Webley and Scott’s history goes back longer than many others in the British gun trade and I dare say none has had the same roller coaster ride as this company in recent times.

The W&S name has been sold, ceased trading then resurrected – and all in the space of just five years.

Webley 912K shotgun

However, Webley and Scott is hopefully entering calmer waters now that Highland Outdoors have acquired a major share in the company.

Highland – part of a sporting group that has business interests in America and Australia – intend to take the Webley brand forward on a global scale selling quality products that offer good value for money.

This month’s test gun is the 912K, and I’ve got to say it does look good.

Webley 912K shotgun action

The gun here is a 30in game or field model which can also be had in 26in or 28in lengths, or as a Sporter with either 28 in or 30in barrels.

That said, this game model could easily be used as an occasional clay gun.

With the exception of the gold trigger and brass foresight, all the metal work is finished in gloss black with a bare minimum of border engraving on the action frame.

The maker’s name is highlighted in silver with the WS logo and model number on the under belly.

Webley 912K shotgun details

The action hinges open on stub pins with a full width bolt engaging the bite at the bottom of the monoblock to give a strong lock up.

Inside, the mechanism is clean and simple, with hammers powered by coil springs pivoting from the bottom of the action.

The cocking levers are held captive with the hammers which means they only pick up the ejectors when the hammer tumbles forward on firing.

Webley 912K shotgun details

The barrels have been chambered for 3in cartridges and subjected to superior proof which allows the use of magnum loads.

They have also been stamped with the special steel shot proof mark.

Close inspection shows the tubes to be true and they’ve been well finished on the outside too.

The blacking is of a very good quality deep gloss but I’m told this finish will be replaced soon by a black chrome for maximum protection from the elements.

The 912 has flush fit multichokes and comes supplied with a complete set of five tubes in a small ABS storage case along with a key.

The top rib is ventilated and a shade less than 8mm wide, stock length is 14.1/2in and drops at comb and heel are standard fare at 1.1/2in and 2.1/4in.

Webley 912K shotgun

This 30in field model tipped the scales at 7.1/2lb which in my book makes it fine as an all round gun designed for game and rough shooting with a bit of clay breaking thrown in for good measure.

It comes in an ABS travel case with protective sleeves inside for the action and barrels.

There are also the extra choke tubes in their own small case, which is useful if you want to take spare chokes when out shooting.

This is a nicely built all-rounder that should appeal to someone looking for a first gun, or anybody wanting a second, back-up, shotgun for general duties.

Webley 912K shotgun

At this price the gun represents very good value.

Webley 912K shotgun



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