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Webley & Scott 1000 series 20-bore shotgun review

Webley & Scott 1000 series

Webley & Scott 1000 series 20-bore shotgun review

Manufacturer: Webley & Scott

Webley & Scott 1000 series 20-bore shotgun review.
The 1000 series is so named because it follows the sequence of model numbers from 700 onwards.

Guns are available in 12, 20 and 28-bore and named 1012, 1020 and 1028 respectively. The 1020 tested here is typically representative of this series. It is a well-balanced gun, with a nicely curved pistol grip and long, slim fore-end.

Reliable action
The gun is built around a fairly high-walled action body with attractive cut fences and incorporates a design that has become something of an industry standard.

Webley Scott 1000.

Internally, it follows a trigger-plate action, most of the lockwork is attached to the trigger-plate while the sears hang from the top-strap or tang. Second barrel selection is made via an inertia block system and the automatic safety is linked to the top-lever spindle. The main function of the spindle is to connect with the full-width locking bolt that in turn engages with the bites under the bottom barrel and below the centreline of the hinge discs. In short, it is a well-proven, reliable design.

Attention to detail
Proofed for 3in cartridges (76mm) and steel shot, it is actually, due to its fairly modest 6½lb weight, much sweeter to use with shorter cartridges and lighter loads, which is really the main reason for having a 20-bore.

Both bores of the 28in chromelined barrels were clean and true and are stamped 15.9mm, which is 0.626in. Externally, the barrels are well-struck-up and nicely blacked, carrying both the Webley & Scott name and the terse instruction to read the user manual before use.

Built on the mono-block system, the jointing is good and the sprung ejectors snugly fitted. The side-ribs are well laid and proportioned, the ventilated top-rib cut for a non-glare finish and laid true, and finish at the muzzles shows especially good attention to detail.

Five screw-in chokes are provided; the three spares and sturdy choke key held in a case which fits quite usefully into almost any pocket.

Fancy chequering
The stock and fore-end are both from close-grained walnut of a pleasing honey yellow, with darker veining highlighted by the factory oil finish.

With a 14¾in length of pull, a drop of 1½in at the top of the comb and 2½in at the heel, the gun should fit many users.

There is some right-hand cast and a good degree of toe-out, too.

The ventilated rubber butt-pad is well-designed. A little unusually for an English market gun, the laser-cut chequering patterns are both fancy and rather striking.

Winged logo
The fore-end iron and fore-end catch neatly inlet into the mating wood. The heading-up of the stock on to the action is tidy, with good-sized lugs to hold the stock sides at the rear of the action body.

Decoration is laser cut, a little deeper on this gun than some examples, but with good coverage all around the action body. The Webley & Scott name, initials and model number appear in gold, while the rest of the decoration extends to the top-strap, top-lever, trigger-guard and fore-end knuckle with matted panels that highlight the fences.

A job well done
Out on the pattern plate, both barrels proved spot on to point of aim and even patterns without blown or open areas were recorded for the different chokes.

Webbley Scott 1000 action.

The ejection was strong and well-timed. The large safety button and barrel selector has a good shape, a non-slip chequered finish and is positive in operation.

Popular design
So, years after its first tentative experiment with the over-and-under, Webley & Scott is now committed to this popular design of shotgun.

It comes complete with a case and velvet-effect protective sleeves for the stock and action and the barrel and fore-end while in the case, as well as Webley’s lifetime warranty. If you are still not quite sure which sport to use it for then Webley & Scott has also provided the answer a copy of the BASC game seasons and safety tips!

For more information, contact Webley & Scott, tel 01902 722144 or visit