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Webley & Scott 912 Extreme Sporter

The new 912 Extreme is an ideal entry-level Sporter made with a surprisingly nice grade of Turkish walnut writes Jason Harris

Webley & Scott 912 Extreme Sporter

Webley & Scott 912 Extreme Sporter

Overall Rating: 88%

Manufacturer: Webley & Scott

Pros: A good gun with a lot to offer as an entry-level Sporter

Price as reviewed: £868

Webley & Scott has brought an addition to its range in the form of a slightly more specialised Sporter. Mechanically, the Webley & Scott 912 Extreme Sporter is the same as the other models and follows the basic principles of hammers that hinge on the trigger-plate, with coil mainsprings powering them forwards.

The sears are hung under the top strap and connect into bents at the top of each hammer. It’s a pretty simple and crisp mechanism. The sear lifter is integral with block that is in part thrown back by recoil. But with this gun, the sears are very deep and as the sear is lifted, its bottom edge makes contact with the block, pushing it back the further the sear is raised.

In short this makes the reset for the second shot mechanical. The benefit of this is that the gun can be used with the lightest cartridges as it isn’t dependant on recoil for the second shot to work. It’s a good feature for a gun to have with lighter cartridges becoming increasingly popular.

Finishing details

The action has a glossy black finish, with some parallel channels that follow the shape of the action on the sides. Webley & Scott is inlayed in silver on each side.

The safe is manual and is also the selector button, moving left and right through a gate to select whichever barrel is desired to be fired first.

The barrels hinge on stub pins set into the action frame walls. They appear to be removable, so the gun may be tightened and re-jointed as it becomes necessary. The bolt that locks the gun closed is full width at the bottom of the action frame. The gun on test had 30in barrels, but there is also a 28in version available. The barrels are made on the monoblock principle, and there is a small red strip foresight.

The side ribs are ventilated to maximise cooling and keep the weight down. The top rib is also ventilated and is 10mm wide with shading, reducing reflection and glare.

The barrels carry the fleur-de-lis special steel shot proof mark and have 3in chambers. The barrels are a more satin black against the action’s glossy finish.

The Extreme Sporter comes with five choke tubes, which are the extended type, so they sit proud of the muzzle ends when fitted. The chokes look good with their knurled ends, and they are also very practical, the rougher texture allowing them to be eaily changed without tools.

There is also a key to make things a little easier getting them in and out.

A decent piece of wood

The woodwork is Turkish walnut and nicely figured for the grade. As these guns are made in Turkey, a decent piece of wood shouldn’t be a problem.

The stock dimensions will suit most shooters: drop at heel is 57mm and 38mm at the comb. The stock is cast off slightly right, just 2mm at the heel.

The length of pull is 141⁄2in or 368mm, which includes a slim ventilated recoil pad approximately half an inch thick.

The chequer patterns are tradition shapes with points, and adds to look of the gun as well as giving it a positive feel. They have been laser cut; the clue to this is the Webley & Scott logo that has been lasered into the base of the pistol grip.

The pistol grip is not too big and is comfortable in the hand. The fore-end is slim, with a subtle Schnabel nose end that again adds to the looks of the gun but is also very practical.

Overall weight is a shade under 8lb. The point is it’s a good weight for a dedicated Sporter: heavy enough to absorb recoil from repeated shooting and keep its handling characteristics to an optimum. But it isn’t too heavy so that the gun is cumbersome and feels dull in the hands.

It comes in a card box with dust covers and a set of chokes in a small ABS case.

Jason’s verdict on the Webley & Scott 912 Extreme Sporter

All things considered the Webley is a good gun. It has a lot to offer as an entry-level Sporter

Price: This gun offers very good value for money at £868.49, considering it has lots of features that guns costing many times more have.

More details: The Webley & Scott 912 Extreme Sporter is distributed through Highland Outdoors.


Build Quality 21/25

Handling 21/25

Styling 24/25

Value for money 22/25

Total score 88/100



A good gun with a lot to offer as an entry-level Sporter