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Winchester Select 2 shotgun review

Winchester Select 2 shotgun review

Manufacturer: Winchester

Winchester Select 2 shotgun review.
I don’t mind admitting I’m a fan of the Winchester Select because it represents terrific value for money for a gun in this very competitive price bracket.

First and foremost the build quality is very good and this over-under unusually sports a unique mechanism that draws its inspiration from two tried, trusted and classic designs.

Its trigger mechanism is built along the Browning/Miroku principle while the opening and locking mechanism – as well as ejector work – takes its inspiration from Beretta.

In my book this is something of a perfect blend because it combines great reliability and strength with the dynamics of a slim action body delivering great handling characteristics.

The gun in front of me has 28in barrels with special steel shot proof 3in chambers but a 30in version is also available if you prefer longer barrels.

The 10mm ventilated top rib and barrels have been matted to reduce glare and the tubes have been threaded to take extended stainless steel Briley choke tubes. The rib carries a small white mid bead as well as a white foresight at the muzzle.

The silver action frame sports raised side panels which improve the looks and lines of the gun and just for good measure the makers have given the metalwork a good covering of bold scroll engraving.

It’s good to see a large manual safety catch button has been fitted to give a positive thumb contact even in wet and cold weather. The trigger is adjustable and the mechanism is recoil operated.

For this version of the select, Winchester has treated the stock to a veneered ‘Topcote’ finish – a skin that creates the appearance of high quality walnut.

Quite a number of continental makers now use similar treatments on their guns and some are better than others when it comes to creating a realistic / natural look.

This version, I have to say, is one of the best I have seen so far – in that it shows a nicely pictured and figured wood, but without being over the top in any way.

The Schnabel for-end is a good match and the makers have kept to a traditional chequer pattern with points.

However, because the cuts have been made with a laser the tops of the chequering amount to small bumps, not neat diamonds.

Stock length is 14.3/4in which includes a deep 1in black recoil pad, finished with a hard heel to ease gun mount and prevent snagging. The pad has a solid look, but is actually very soft.

Drops are 2.1/2in at heel and 1.1/2in at comb with no discernable cast, so it should right and left hand shooters alike.

Overall weight of the gun is 7lb 10oz and it comes supplied in a useful ABS case with three chokes (skeet, ¼ and ½) as well as a key.

You also get some aerosol gun oil and a small Allen key to adjust the trigger.

Overall this is a very well made gun and represents exceptional value for money.

It handles like a more expensive gun – and it looks like one too – thanks to the Topcote finish. At this price, it really is unbeatable.

Build Quality 23/25

Handling 20/25

Styling 18/25

Value for money 23/25


Winchester Select 2 shotgun

Around £1,050

UK SALES: 01235 514550

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