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Can you shoot muntjac with air rifles and shotguns?

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Muntjac deer

An air rifle for shooting muntjac?

Q: Is there any way I could use a high powered air rifle for shooting muntjac? If so, would it have to be a FAC weapon? What are the restrictions?

A: Absolutely not. In England and Wales section 4(2)(a) of the Deer Act prohibits the use of any air weapon to take, kill or injure any deer. 

Can you shoot muntjac with shotguns?

Muntjac are deer and are therefore protected by the Deer Act which prohibits the use of shotguns except in very specific circumstances.

The species deserves to be treated properly and to this end you should use a proper deer rifle. In England and Wales this means at least a .240 calibre and in Scotland, where no calibre is mentioned, a bullet of at least 100 grains which effectively also means .240 minimum.

There is no close season for muntjac but when culling female muntjac, it is recommended to choose immature or heavily pregnant does to avoid leaving dependent young.

Muntjac hiding

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