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Our Happy Winners

Congratulations to our lucky competition winners! Remember, someone has to win, so keep entering and next time it could be you.

Shooting UK 

November 2015 – Win one of four pairs of tickets to see The Play that Goes Wrong. Winners: A Chung, Essex. D Mulloy, London. S Birkett, Worcestershire. E Nixon, Surrey.

February 2016 – Win one of two dog bed bundles from Muddy Paws. Winners: P Johnson, Nottingham and K Frankland, Norfolk

February 2016 – Win one of five pairs of tickets to the Kelmarsh Country Show. Winners: E Hendry, Leicestershire, M Turland, Northamptonshire, K Wilson Bedfordshire, T Patey, Oxfordshire and C Wren, Hampshire

July 2016 – Win one of ten family passes to the Galloway Country Fair. Winners: N Singh, Coventry; D Archibald, Cheshire; J Stewart, Dumfrieshire; P Moore, Hertfordshire; S White, Ayrshire; D Millington, Devon; K Wells, Cumbria; A Davey, Wigtownshire; J Bell, South Lanarkshire; I Simmons, Lanarkshire.

Shooting Gazette

August 2015 – Win a Laksen shooting suit worth £1000; Winner: J Hyett, Oxon

September 2015 – Win a Clare Brownlow animal portrait worth £1000; Winner: D Brown, Yorkshire

October 2015 – Win an Alan Paine shooting suit; Winner: R Scarce, Suffolk.

Sporting Gun

August 2015 – Win a Woodcock Shooting Trip to Ireland; Winner: D Moran, Kent

October and November 2015 – Win a pair of Miroku MK60s; Winner: O Moisley, Gloucestershire.

December 2015 – Win one of two £500 Bushwear vouchers; Winners: J Grayson, Inverness-shire; P Hall, Yorkshire.

Win an ATA SP; Winner: S Maclean, Inverness-shire

Win the Christmas gift guide lucky dip; Winners: 

Smart at Heel, J James, Hampshire

Phillip Morris & son cartridge bag P Milner, Shrewsbury

Philip Morris & son game bag, L Atterton, Merseyside

Alan Paine silk tie, K Partridge, Dorset

Aylsham fleece choker, D Wiggleworth, Yorkshire

3 x Evolution Chameleon shooting glasses; D Wrudd, Lancashire, D Pendlebury, Leyland, N Bennett, Nottinghamshire.

Shotgun umbrella; L O’Brien, Cambridge

Chocolate shotgun cartridge and hipflask set; P R Jones, Essex

Cartridge salt and pepper set; D Davies, Dorset

Bullet ice tray; S Slesser, Aberdeenshire

Gumleaf invicta boots; C Mullholand, County Armargh

Bladetech sharpener; M Johnson, Isle of Wight

3 x Cartridge flasks; J Baldie, Fife, D Jones, Swansea, J Shearer, Kent.

10 x Bushnell headlamps; M Wells, Devon, M Wilson, Cambridgeshire, S Khan, Peterborough, S Hodder, Manchester, P Hall, Lancashire, A Paige Yorkshire, E Whitehouse, Bedfordshire, J Willis, Essex, J Burton, Leeds, C Morson, Carlisle.

Viking Arms 3 HGR Rifle Sling; M McDermott, Stoke-on-Trent

Steamlight baby siege; P Beevor, Hertfordshire

Real avid gun tool; C Abbott, Cleveland

Walkers alpha muffs; D Mancini, Somerset

Meosport 8×25; B Kenny, County Durham

Proshot splatter shot targets; A Jess, County Down

Gameshooting: An Illustrated History; S Cotterill, Warwickshire

Think Like A Pheasant; S Hutchings, Devon

Barking Mad; A.J Hannaford, Devon

On Your Shoot; A Adams, Exeter

A Hill Place; S Wall, Wigan

The Stalking Party; C Craythorne, Cambridgeshire

The Deer Stalker’s Bedside Book; M Ure, Cornwall

Guardian Heritage cartridge bag; A Thorn, Powys

Venison: The Game Larder; D Meyrick, Nottingham

The Imperfect Shot; J Rawson, Derbyshire

A Year on the Moor; I Moore, Morayshire

The River Cottage Game Handbook; P Rowland, Devon

The Paxton Hamper; R Martin, Cumbria

Seeland Boot Bag; A Shearer, Devon

Seeland Cartridge pen; P Hart, Kent

Seeland boot dryer; B George, County Durham

Seeland bino strap; M Brew, Isle of Man

Seeland compact cleaning kit; S Pointon, Stoke-on-Trent

3 x shooter’s leather tripod seat; R Gray, Somerset; M Pacey, Northampton ;M Stammers, Southampton

3x shooter’s umbrella seat stick; I Johnson, Hertfordshire; J Wilson, Tyne and Wear; M Shanks, County Antrim

3x universal cleaning mat; D Bond, Northumberland; C Fleetham, Suffolk; R Usher, Cleveland.

House of Cheviot chessboard socks and garters; M Nicholls, Somerset

A year’s Sporting Gun subscription with a binder; P Cattell, Essex

July 2016 – Win a Promatic Clay Trap and 5000 clays; Winner: R Goodacre, Lincs

See the gallery above for a photo of Mr R. Goodacre with his clay trap. He said: “We spent a happy hour or so assembling the trap. I have since taken the trap and clays to my local shooting ground where I am a member and I have enjoyed some great birds from my new prize. Many thanks to Sporting Gun, Promatic traps and to CCI who supplied the clays, myself and my fellow club members will enjoy many hours shooting pleasure from this prize.”

December 2016 – Win a Cogswell & Harrison Windsor Game Gun worth £1,125; Winner: Mr I Davenport, Hampshire

January 2017 – Win a Webley & Scott 1000 Sporter series worth £999.99; Winner: Mr R Handley; West Glamorgan

May 2017 – Win a Winchester SX4 Semi-Auto shotgun; Winner: Mr L Fitzgerald; Penryn

Shooting Times

22 July 2015 – Win 5000 cartridges from Just Cartridges; Winners: D Sanderson, Yorkshire; M Metcalf, Yorkshire; G Vernon, Cheshire; L Potter, Co. Durham; A Peters, Angus

7 October 2015 – Win a Chapuis C35 classic round body worth £2,200; Winner: R Benson, Hertfordshire.

4 November 2015 – Win a limited edition AYA ‘Centenary’; Winner: R Daws, Essex

Mr Daws was delighted with his new gun, he said: “Disbelieving elation is the only way I can describe how I felt when I was told that I was the lucky winner! Collecting the gun was fantastic if a little surreal for some one who had never previously won anything.

“The gun is stunning both cosmetically and from an engineering perspective, the pictures do not do it justice, a real heir loom that I hope future generations will enjoy as much as I do. Thank you very much Shooting Times and ASI for such a wonderful Christmas present!”

June 2016 – Win a Polaris Sportsman 450 HD; Winner: J Wright, Berkshire

November 2016 – Win a bespoke Perazzi worth over £9,000; Winner: Mr N Wroe, Hants

February 2017 – Win a Beretta 690 Field I worth £2,300; Winner: Mr B Braine, Wiltshire

Don’t miss out on winning fantastic prizes, check the WIN section of ShootingUK to find details of how to enter.

Good luck!