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Air rifle case – we share our top picks

An essential component of your air rifle kit is your air rifle case, so we've selected some of the best options.

When it comes to pest control or stalking in the field, any keen Shot will tell you that you should only take what you need, because you don’t want to be weighed down by unnecessary gear when you’re several miles away from the car. Not only that, you need something that is practical and lightweight, but also durable and resistant to the elements so that you can keep your air rifle clean and ready for action.

To that point, our resident air rifle expert Mat Manning said: “All airgun shooters should have a bag to carry their rifle when transporting it, and there is a real wealth of options to choose from in the shops. A key consideration for first-time buyers is the depth of the bag, as airguns can be very wide-sided by the time they have a scope attached. Fortunately, there are plenty of purpose-made bags that take this into account.”

So what are the options for the best air rifle case? Don’t miss our top picks below.


Air rifle case – we share our top picks


1. BSA Tactical Carbine Backpack, £62.99

  • Colour: Black
  • Closure type: Full length zipper

+ Wearable as a backpack
+ Large zipped pocket for documents or other items
+ Firm, rigged spine


Despite its name, the BSA Tactical Carbine Backpack will serve for full-size rifles. At 965mm (37.5in), the shorter model is for carbines and bullpups, but the longer 1,090mm (43in)version will accommodate longer rifles.

It’s made from black bonded canvas, with thick hems, beading to protect the edges and a double zip that won’t catch the lining. With a rigid spine, the Tactical Carbine Backpack will protect your airgun and stow away easily when not in use.

As the name indicates, you can wear the bag like a backpack thanks to a pair of adjustable straps and a connecting chest strap. They snap onto D-rings with quick-release catches. Another pair of D-rings down the spine and a pair of conventional carrying handles that can be joined together with a velcro fastener give you more carrying options.

A large 250mmx310mm zipped pocket will handle most of your accessories and contains a document wallet. 

Three smaller pouches with velcro flaps provide more storage. Thick padding will protect your rifle and a couple of velcro straps will hold it in place. An elasticated silencer pocket is a thoughtful touch.




2. Ridgeline Sniper Bag, £153.39

  • Material: Nylon
  • Colour: Olive

+ Two way heavy duty zip
+ Carry handle and rucksack straps
+ Anchor points inside bag
+ Stock boot to secure rifle


The Ridgeline Sniper Bag is packed full of thoughtful features – many of which you won’t even realise you need until you’ve got them.

There are two versions, 1,200mm (47in) and 1,370mm (54in) that accommodate almost any rifle, complete with scope, bipod and silencer. As you’d expect from a bag that weighs almost as much as its contents, the protection is prodigious.

There are two storage compartments on the outside. The largest, measuring roughly 460mmx310mm (18inx12in) can be removed by undoing a couple of zips. Reattaching the bag’s carrying straps turns it into a backpack. Inside, five elasticated loops help secure items you don’t want to roll about.

The lower compartment has plenty of room for kit such as binoculars and a rangefinder, as well as an elasticated pouch with a zip-up outside pocket for items you want to get to in a hurry.

Your rifle is held secure by a butt stock pocket and retaining straps. Access is via a double zip and three clip straps. The double-hemmed zip means there’s no chance of it damaging the rifle stock.

Given the Sniper Bag can carry almost everything you need for a day’s shooting, it’s hardly surprising there are plenty of carrying options. There are both carry handles and drag handles. You can also wear the bag like a backpack thanks to padded shoulder straps and a chest strap.





3. BSA Green Polytwill Gunbag With Pocket, £40.79

  • Material: Waterproof fabric
  • Colour: Brown
  • Closure type: Button
  • Pocket description: Cargo

+ Rucksack style straps
+ Detachable shoulder strap
+ Full size outer pocket
+ Waterproof


The Green Polytwill Gunbag With Pocket may have the kind of name that results from the marketing department having a day off, but it represents great value for money and will ensure protection for your rifle.

Featuring a stiff spine and measuring 1,250mm (49in) long and 280mm (11in) deep, it will handle almost any size of scoped rifle, even with a silencer. Made from what BSA says is ‘polytwill’, the exterior is durable and easy to keep clean. 

The interior is fleece-lined, and although there are no retaining straps, you can slip the butt of your rifle into a pocket.

The ends are reinforced with synthetic leather patches that are finished with yellow stitching, as are the green carry handles that are reinforced with the same material. A large exterior pocket will take a silencer or short bipod, and an inner slip will keep documents safe. There’s also a leatherette pocket with a plastic window for a name card.

The zip runs around the top of the bag in a deep hem. In addition to the two carry handles that are held together in a velcro sealable pouch, a non-removable strap with plenty of adjustment means you can carry your rifle over your shoulder or across your chest.




4. BSA Tactical Rifle Case/Shooting Mat, £54.95


  • Material: Nylon
  • Colour: Black
  • Closure type: Secure zip
  • Pocket description: Velcro compartments

+ Hard-wearing
+ Built-in mat
+ Great storage

Despite being the most stable shooting position, shooting prone when it’s wet or muddy isn’t much fun for anyone.

But thanks to BSA’s Tactical Case Mat you’ll no longer need to worry. Not only will it protect your rifle and make carrying it that much easier, it also opens out to provide a handy shooting mat. Many will find the 1,220mm (48 inches) to be length enough on its own, however a fold-out flap provides another 630mm (25 inches) of floor space.

Bonded canvas and nylon mean the Tactical Case Mat is hard-wearing and much of the muck will wipe straight. However, if you use the mat often, don’t expect the bag to stay pristine forever.

The thick padding on this air rifle case makes lying on the ground comfortable, and affords plenty of protection for your rifle. There are no interior retaining straps, but the double zip holds everything secure. The Tactical Case Mat will take a scoped rifle with a bipod, and there are four pockets, the largest of which contains a document compartment. 

The two carry handles are nice and strong and can be secured together with a velcro strap. For better comfort over longer distances, you can use the adjustable strap over your shoulder or across your chest. There’s no padding, but the strap is wide enough.




5. Ridgeline Performance Rifle Bag, £66.09

  • Colour: Olive/brown
  • Closure type: Zipper

+ Thick padding
+ Stylish look
+ Loads of storage

If you’re the kind of shooter who takes pride in the appearance of your kit and you want to stand out on the range, the Ridgeline Performance Rifle Bag could be for you. Available in lengths of 1,220mm (48in) and 1,320mm (52in) and 280mm (11in) deep, there’s plenty of room for most scoped rifles.

The two-tone olive green and gold 600D polyester fabric is durable, tasteful and guaranteed to turn heads. There’s more to the Performance Rifle Bag than just good looks – the padding is nice and thick, and the interior has a faux suede feel to it. 

The interior’s contrasting brown colour also reduces the likelihood of you walking off with the bag unzipped and your rifle falling out. 

A reinforced spine not only gives more protection but makes the bag easier to open and close, and helps when it comes to standing it up in a corner or against a wall when not in use. 

A double zip runs almost the entire length and has curved pullers that are easy to locate. And thanks to a deep hem, there’s no chance of getting snagged on any material. 

An adjustable padded canvas strap on this air rifle case makes it easy to carry the bag over a shoulder or across your chest, and can be unclipped from a couple of D-rings. You can also use handles that have a padded velcro wrap. A zipped pocket has plenty of room for a phone and keys.