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Airgun Shooter’s Gear of the Year: best airgun optics

Whatever airgun shooting you enjoy, the choice of guns, optics and accessories is immense. Here are our top choices to match a wide range of budgets and help you get the most out of your sport. This time, we're looking at the best airgun optics

Hawke Vantage 4-12×40 AO

This is a quality optic that offers incredible value for money and would be equally at home on an affordable springer or more expensive PCP.

Price: £119


Immersive Optics 10×40 Prismatic

This packs in plenty of features, notably a wide field of view and wonderfully bright sight picture, while managing to keep everything light and compact.

Price: £314.95


MTC Copperhead 3-12×44 F2

Clear glass, great features and an uncluttered reticle make MTC’s compact Copperhead 3-12×44 F2 a definite contender for any bullpup, carbine or shorter rifle setup.

Price: £312


Sureshot SFP 2.5-15×32 SFIR

Small in stature but big on features, this offers superb tracking and the ability to parallax down to 5yds, as well as a huge range of magnification.

Price: £199


PAO 6-24×56 SSS

This is a well-appointed, versatile sight that will let you acquire short-range targets at lower magnification as well as taking long-range shots at higher settings.

Price: £229.99


Sportsmatch Mounts

Attaching a scope to an air rifle has never been easier, regardless of the type of rail, thanks to Sportsmatch’s extensive range of high-quality mounts.

From £14.95


Night-vision Sights & Add-ons


Wulf Night Vision Rear Scope Add-on

Whilst this is at the top end of NV add-ons, there’s no denying its quality and performance, which will surely satisfy every airgun hunter’s need.

Price: £694.95



This digital day/night scope offers a clear image while remaining simple to use, with the functions shooters need most often being easy to access.

Price: £799.99


Pulsar Forward F445S

It may be pricey, but the F445S is packed full of features and performs at a level higher than what is required for airgun hunting alone.

Price: £1,199.95


Pard NV008S LRF

With a rangefinder and ballistic calculator, this sight packs a lot into a small package, being light, compact and easy to operate in the dark.

Price: £899.99


Thermal sights


InfiRay  Saim SCT35

Tough and light, the Saim SCT35 is a great example of a feature-packed, quality thermal sight and provides everything you’d need as a nocturnal hunter.

Price: £2,499.99


HIKMICRO Thunder 19mm 35mK 256×192

Versatile, easy to operate and fairly affordable, the Thunder TE19C performs very well for its price and is a solid option for any after-dark arsenal.

Price: from £999


ATN Mars 4

Thanks to the excellent image quality and range of features, there’s no doubt the ATN Mars 4 will give you the edge in the dark.

Price: £2,299


Guide TS425

The Guide TS425 is chunky but light, has a reassuringly solid feel about it and to round it off is a great performer, especially for ratting at shorter distances.

Price: £1,999.95


Pard G19 L

With an exposed 5” screen, this handheld spotter is far from conventional, but boasts handy extras including a light source and a useful laser rangefinder.

Price: £2,002.99


Night vision spotters


Zeiss DTI 3/25

Zeiss is a world leader in the optics market and, true to form, the DTI 3/25 delivers an impressive detection range and optical performance.

Price: £2,150


InfiRay Eye E6 Pro V3

This thermal offering from InfiRay may be quite an expensive spotter, but it’s the top of the crop when it comes to its optical quality.

Price: £2,694.99


Pulsar Axion Key XM30

A great choice for shooters who want a small thermal monocular to slip in their coat pocket, while still delivering the goods when it’s needed.

Price: £1,159.95


Pulsar Axion 2 XG35 LRF

It’s pricey, yes, but anything with a pulse that generates the slightest heat will shine like a beacon, even if tucked away behind long grass.

Price: £2,629.95