You don't want your shooting to deafen you or give you tinnitus ...

Use it or lose it really is the case. Protecting your hearing when you’re out shooting is one of the key shooting safety rules. Ear defenders are an efficient way of doing this and many people find them particularly comfortable to use. We’ve picked out six of the best ear defenders that come in at under £35, so you don’t have to break the bank to keep your hearing intact.

Napier PR09 Ear Defenders

Napier PR09 Ear Defenders

Napier-PR09-Ear-defenders £31.63

If you’re looking for something light and easy to carry then these fit the description perfectly. Handy design as you can fold them up and put them in your pocket. This product cancels noise without batteries, but you can still hear low-level sounds such as conversations.

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Napier Pro 9

Deben Slim Passive Ear Defenders £20.40

Folding ear defenders with soft ear cushions. They offer good noise protection tested to give a 24dB SNR. noise reduction, while the padded headband gives extra comfort.

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Bisley Compact Hearing Protectors

Bisley Compact Hearing Protectors £16.96

Fully folding compact ear defenders. Lightweight with good noise protection, this product may seem cheap and cheerful but it’s effective.

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best ear defenders

Peltor Red Bulls Eye I Hearing Protector £20.43

The bright colour means you won’t lose them if you put them down. The product is a basic ear defender from a well-known manufacturer. Especially designed for marksmen – the ear protectors are shaped to avoid interference with a rifle butt and avoid distracting the shooter.

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Beretta Prevail Ear Defenders

Beretta Prevail Ear Defenders £34.99

The padded ear cups on these slim, lightweight, foldaway ear defenders from Beretta give extra comfort as well as ensuring a good fit. Available in black, blue and green and offering protection  of db-25.

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Winchester Low Pro Passive Folding Muff

Winchester Low Pro Passive Folding Muff £15.99

Compact folding muffs. Very lightweight and basic but offer good hearing protection with soft ear pads and padded headband for a comfortable fit.