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6 of the best ear defenders from just £15

Don't be careless about ear protection. Shoot without protecting your hearing and you're likely to end up with tinnitus or greatly diminished hearing.

best ear defenders

There’s no excuse not to protect your hearing when you’re out in the field, particularly when we’ve found some of the best ear defenders which come in at under £40. Ear defenders are comfortable to wear and a crucial bit of kit. We’ve all met people in the field with diminished hearing who say: “I never bother with ear defenders”.  So we’ve picked out six of the best starting at just £15.

Napier Pro 9 best ear defenders

1. Napier-PR09-Ear-defenders £28.19

Light, easy to carry and fold up to slip in a pocket. So they are always at hand. Noise cancelling but you can still hear conversations.

Napier Pro 9

2. Deben Slim Passive Ear Defenders £29

Folding ear defenders which softly cushion the ear and a padded headband which means they don’t dig in or slip. Useful noise protection tested to give a 24dB SNR. noise reduction.

Bisley Compact Hearing Protectors

3. Bisley Compact Hearing Protectors £14.95

Cheap, cheerful but effective. These ear defenders hug your ears comfortably, are lightweight, foldable and provide noise reduction of 22dB.


best ear defenders

4. Peltor Red Bulls Eye I Hearing Protector £25

Are you somebody who’s always forgetting where you put something. The bright red of these ear defenders will help you find them on a dull day. These are particularly good for rifle shooters – the ear protectors are shaped to work with a rifle butt.

Beretta Prevail Ear Defenders

5. Beretta Prevail Ear Defenders £29.95

These come with a useful neck strap and are available in green, blue or black. Lightweight, slimline and fold neatly into the pocket of your shooting jacket.

Peltor Optimise III earmuffs

6. Peltor Optime III earmuffs £40

These impressive ear protectors have been dubbed a ‘supermuff’ and were developed for use in extremely noisy environments. The protection is based on new technology with a double casing that minimises resonance. This results in maximum high-frequency muffing so you can be safe in the knowledge that your hearing will be sufficiently protected.