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Best hunting torch – we list our top picks

As the nights draw in for winter, you'll need a quality hunting torch in your kit bag, so here are our picks

hunting torch

Having a hunting torch in your bag is essential on any stalking trip, especially as winter sets in and it’s likely you’ll be spending a lot more time in darkness and low light. But with so many all-rounder options, it’s important to consider which type of torch best suits stalkers. Thinking about what to look for, whether it be hands-free or not, pro stalker Chris Dalton says: “What I want in a hunting torch is something very compact and with a strong beam. It must be rechargeable, preferably with a USB port, which means it can be kept in the truck and charged as needed when driving. It has to be easy to operate with cold fingers so a simple on-off switch is important.”

So what are the best options, which hunting torch ticks all the boxes? Here are our top choices.

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Best hunting torch – we list our top picks


1. Streamlight Protac HL-X, £123.00

Best overall

  • Length: 13.79cm
  • Weight: 161g – 175g
  • Beam Distance: 330m
  • Output: 1,000L (high)
  • Run Time (High/Low: 1.5 hours/23 hours)


+ Long battery life (especially on lowest setting)
+ Very durable
+ Dust tight
+ Waterproof to 2m
+ Best value for money

With a rechargeable battery, a durable aluminium construction, long battery life and an unbreakable pocket clip, Streamlight’s Protac takes the top spot in our list as the best overall hunting torch. There is only one slight disadvantage, with it not being hands-free, but that notwithstanding it has so much more to offer to anyone who has a passion for stalking. Overall, we have given this the top spot on our list because of the sheer amount of quality you get for a very reasonable price tag. It narrowly beat another option on this list, but it was a very close call (read on to find out what that was).




2. Streamlight bandit, £20.99

Best for hands-free use

  • Length: 6.85cm
  • Weight: 45g
  • Beam Distance: 69m
  • Output (High/Low): 180L/35L
  • Run Time (High/Low): 4.5 hours/21 hours


+ Lightweight but durable
+ Rechargeable
+ Very convenient


If you’re looking for a hunting torch that is hands-free, you can’t go wrong with another Streamlight offering. And to showcase just how good this piece of kit is, it’s used on a regular basis by pro stalker Chris Dalton, which, for him, “ticks all of the boxes and lives in a small pocket in my roe sack, so if I need it is always with me.”

On its compact, convenient design, he concludes: “I need to have my hands free when either searching for a lost deer or gralloching in the dark.”

It’s affordable and very handy, especially given the fact that it manages to feel very lightweight but retains a durable, weather-resistant feel. Not only that, but it can be clipped to a hat and it is also rechargeable. The run time is outstanding for such a small torch, but it’s not the brightest in the list by any margin. That said, when taking the whole package into account, you couldn’t really ask for more.





3. Streamlight 69266 TLR-1-HL, £145.93

Best power to price

  • Length: 8.6cm
  • Weight: 122g
  • Beam Distance: 283m
  • Output: 1,000L (high)
  • Run Time: 1.5 hours (high)

+ Waterproof up to 1.5m
+ Includes rail clamps
+ Great size to power ratio


This is the perfect option if you’re looking for something that can really light your path but need it to be small enough to fit into almost any pocket of your jacket. (Don’t miss our top picks for rough shooting jackets or camouflage jackets.) It’s lighter and smaller than the Protac, which are great benefits, but by comparison it falls down when it comes to price (the Protac is cheaper for pretty much the same, if not slightly better, performance) and beam distance. However, even though the beam distance is shorter, it’ll still be more than enough for almost any stalker.

But it does come into its own when it comes to practicality; it can be mounted via rail clamps, it is waterproof up to 1.5m, and the light beam is outstanding. For any serious stalker, this is a fantastic option. Not only that, it can be used in a variety of different ways besides.




4. Brinyte T28-IR Artemis L85, £149.99

Best tech option

  • Length: 18.2cm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Beam Distance: 340m
  • Output: 650L (high)
  • Run Time: 4.5 hours

+ Remote pressure switch
+ USB charging cable
+ Overcharge, over-discharge and overheat protection


An excellent choice for hunting as well as other outdoor pursuits, this hunting torch brings its own patented tri-colour lighting sources control switch design as well as being zoomable. It is also very clever in terms of how it conserves its power, with a regulated power supply which maintains constant brightness as well as reverse polarity protection, which prevents damage from improper battery installation. Built from aircraft-grade aluminium, this hunting torch is very durable and dependable.




5. Nitecore MH27 Torch, £89.95

Best for long-lasting use

  • Length: 15cm
  • Weight: 170g
  • Beam Distance (High/Low):
  • Output (High/Low): 250L/55L
  • Run Time (High/Mid): 6 hours/28 hours [ultra low mode offers 1L and 708 hours]

+ Very long-lasting
+ Rechargeable
+ Advanced temperature regulation tech
+ Detachable pocket clip


This hunting torch very nearly made it to our top spot and many wouldn’t have a complaint. For the price, you get so much kit. It has an ultra long-life if you have it on ultra-low mode, which can be very handy, and still offers a very impressive six hours of battery life on the very highest setting. It also boasts other features, such as a stainless steel retaining ring that protects core components from damage, reverse polarity protection, and an intelligent memory circuit, which will remember the last setting used.