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Best protection against midges. Skin So Soft – an unbelievable solution

Though we are coming towards the tail-end of summer, midges can still pose a big issue when stalking out in the field. So, if you want to keep the midges at bay, Skin So Soft from Avon is the ideal choice.

midges in swarm

Swarms of midges

If you want the best protection against midges, Skin So Soft from Avon is the ideal choice. It was originally created as a skin moisturiser, scented with citronella oils. However, outdoor types discovered that as well as keeping skin soft, the product was also highly effective at keeping away midges. Via word of mouth, the news spread about this unexpected benefit and Avon attracted a surprising new set of fans.

Swarms and stalkers

During their peak population time of July-September, it can be very difficult to avoid swarms of midges ruining your stalking. Moreover, if you find yourself out in the field on a cloudy, warm day, wading through long damp undergrowth, it can be virtually impossible. Not only this, but midges are able to detect carbon dioxide from up to 200 metres away, so if you find yourself walking through the Highlands, moving from drive to drive on the first grouse shoot of the season or stalking stags, they will be able to sense your location and zoom in.

Best protection against midges

Having the right stalking clothing to help keep midges away is a good place to start, but you will still need something to deter them from making a meal out of any exposed flesh left on your body, such as your hands or head.

That is why Skin So Soft is the perfect choice to avoid those itchy, painful bites that so many stalkers can attest to. It’s quick and easy to spray on your skin.

While it is not officially mentioned by Avon that this product, infused with natural oils and citronella aroma offers the best midge protection, it comes highly recommended by the Marines and the SAS.

Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Spray is one of Avon’s best-selling items, and quite apart from making sure you stay you bite-free, it will keep your skin nourished and because it locks in moisture, it won’t leave your skin feeling oily or wet. And it smells great too, which is always a bonus!

This product couldn’t come more highly recommended – it does the job and it is very affordable to boot.

Bruce Potts, deer stalker and Shooting Times contributor comments: “I use Skin so Soft in Scotland stalking because I stalk with a woolly knitted hat. I tend to give this a good dousing before I set forth into the woods, it acts like a wick and releases the midge repellent of Skin so Soft slowly giving a prolonged effect.”

4 x 150ml Bottles of Avon Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Body Spray with Jojoba & Citronellol – The Alternative To Insect Repellent £12.32


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