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Taking a closer look at shot cameras and a ShotKam

Tom Sykes is a big fan of his ShotKam and here is why.

A ShotKam offers slow-motion playback

A ShotKam offers slow-motion playback

It’s fair to say that a ShotKam is an essential part of my crow shooting kit.

So I thought I would enlarge on why I particularly like having a ShotKam strapped to my gun. I have been using ShotKams for a few years now and think they are extraordinary pieces of technology.  (You might also like to read our list of best camouflage jackets.)

How a ShotKam works

  • There is an internal accelerometer within the camera that detects when the gun’s action is closed (also achieved with a gentle bump on the stock).
  • This wakes the camera from sleep mode and it starts the recording process through a memory buffer (temporary storage).
  • When a shot 
is fired, the camera responds to the recoil and saves the critical portion of that video, even slowing the footage down to the selected playback speed.
  • Any follow-up shots, which occur within six seconds, 
will also be saved in that one MP4 clip.
ShotKam in action

Align the reticle to a gun’s point of aim

So how does this help the shooter? It means that you can turn the camera on, leave it running, wake the camera up when you 
see an approaching bird and let the camera do the rest.

  • These cameras are designed to show you exactly what is happening down range.
  • The footage allows you to observe and collect data of the numerous different aspects that have gone into a shot.
  • You can see clearly the amount of lead and where the muzzle is in relation to the target during the crucial moments leading up to and following a shot.
  • These are an excellent training aid for a lot of people, not just beginners.
  • I have used them to illustrate how much lead a certain target or type of target needs.
  • They are great for reinforcing that desired sight picture that beginners can sometimes struggle to grasp.

Getting started with a ShotKam


It is a pretty straightforward operation to attach the camera to the gun’s barrels. The ShotKam comes with a bracket, which is secure using two Allen key bolts. The ShotKam has a variety of different brackets, to ensure that the cameras are versatile and can be used in conjunction with a variety of guns.


Once the camera is secured, align it with the bead. This is done through the mobile phone app and built-in WiFi. The app also give you access to a variety of settings. All the features are quick and easy to use and there are videos online to guide you through the process. Once the camera is aligned, select the type of gun; semi-auto, pump action, etc. Then pick the shooting style: clay, flying bird etc.

Not just for beginners

Even competent Shots will benefit from access to a ShotKam. For example, a good friend of 
mine used my ShotKam for a session 
when he was practising prior to qualifying for the England Team in DTL. The camera allowed him to analyse a lot of varied information, which enabled him to see exactly what he was doing right and wrong and correct it.

Top game shots have also been keen to use a ShotKam to see what they are doing when they shoot and have then used them to improve their technique. We can all improve our shooting, no matter how good we are and this 
is a useful way to do so.

Shooting videos

Of course, you can also use a ShotKam with other film cameras to produce great shooting videos that can be shared on social media.


Take the shot- then watch it again later

I have lots of footage that we have recorded over the years and I get a lot of pleasure rewatching it and reliving the joys from a day out in the field. Plus, you have the proof when you pull off that cracking right-and-left that nobody believed you about! (Maybe anglers should have them too.)

How to get a ShotKam

ShotKam are currently offering equipment at £529 with a 30 day trial period, two year warranty and free delivery in 3-5 days.

And finally

I have used my ShotKam a lot when sat in the hide during the summer months to see exactly what went right and wrong. Unlike some shooting cameras on the market, ShotKams are compact and unobtrusive to the line of sight, allowing me to get on and shoot without having something putting me off. I know that some people have raised concerns in the past that the camera looks like it will weigh down the muzzle of the gun when shooting. To be honest, I don’t notice the small additional weight to the barrel.

This piece was originally published in 2018 and has been updated.