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Boost your potential with these products from around the clay shooting world

Jasper Fellows uncovers the point-boosting potential of a variety of products

Beretta DT11 31in Sporter

Beretta DT11 31″ Sport

Long has the debate raged as to whether a 28″, 30″ or 32″ gun is better for clay breaking. Now, with this limited run of a 31″ version of Beretta’s ever-popular DT11, the Italian gun maker hopes to settle a few arguments – or at least help find a comfortable balance point for barrel weight, sighting plane length and perceived pointability. (Read our full review here.)

Weight and recoil are a particular point of design focus in this piece, with Beretta claiming that its Steelium Pro barrels and long forcing cones help to reduce felt recoil, improve shot patterning and reduce muzzle rise. The company also says that the 3mm wider receiver on this gun alters the point of balance and places the centre of gravity between the shooters’ hands for greater control.

Beretta also state that this is a gun that has been designed to withstand extraordinary levels of use. The DT11’s action is CNC machined from a solid block of specially formulated steel, while the above-mentioned Steelium Pro barrels combine nickel, chromium and molybdenum to offer greater maximum tensile strength than other barrel alloys.

Trigger construction has been carefully considered too. The DT11 has a V spring, which, it says, creates a stronger connection between the sear arm and the hammer while also delivering a lighter trigger pull than a conventional coil mainspring. Trigger unit replacement is also a key feature of this gun, with the DT in the name standing for Drop Trigger. Beretta say that this feature is mostly for peace of mind, but it’s certainly useful.

Key points

  • Steelium Pro 31″ barrels
  • Carefully balanced for better ‘pointability’
  • Solid-block CNC machined action
  • Removable trigger unit
  • V spring for better connection between sear arm and hammer
  • Cross-bolt locking mechanism
  • Hand-finished by Beretta’s gunmakers
  • Total weight 3.9kg
  • RRP fro £9750

 Evolution Magnex Glasses

A new spin on the UK’s most popular range of shooting eyewear, these Evolution Magnex glasses, available from Sunglasses for Sport, feature a magnetic lens changing system for near instant and effort free lens switching on the fly.

Four purchase options are available. The three-lens set comes with brown, orange and yellow lenses; the four-lens set adds a purple lens; and the five-lens set also includes a rose lens. An optical lens insert version is also available for those shooters who require a prescription lens.

According to the manufacturer, all lenses exceed EN166FT and ANZI Z87.1 high-velocity impact requirements, are oleophobic and hydrophobic, scratch resistance and easy to clean.

Key points

  • Class 1 optical grade, UV400 rated lenses
  • Magnetic design for easy lens changes
  • Large, full wrap lens provides total eye protection
  • Fully adjustable nose piece (height and width)
  • TR90 nylon frame is lightweight but strong
  • Supplied with soft pouch, cleaning cloth and hard case
  • Optional prescription optical insert available
  • RRP from £125

DryFire Projection system

DryFire enables realistic shooting training from the comfort of your own home. The most basic system offered by the company includes two laser modules and a barrel insert. The laser modules project moving dots onto a wall, to which the user can swing and ‘fire’, with the barrel insert recognising a hit or a miss.

DryFire’s projection system pushes the experience to the next level. By using a user’s PC and projector, the device can display full backgrounds and simulate flying clays, with a realistic dusting effect when hit. The system will also display the full statistical information of each shot, including distance to target, pointing error measurements and more.

Key points

  • Cost-effective, cartridge-free clay shooting
  • Great for beginners
  • Capable of simulating a huge array of clay targets
  • Uses the shooter’s own gun
  • Built-in microphone for acoustic release
  • Can simulate single, simultaneous doubles and on-report doubles
  • Provides detailed info on every shot, hit or miss
  • RRP £1090

Beretta Silver Pigeon Evo Vest with Beretta Recoil Reducer Evo pads

The Silver Pigeon Evo Vest from Beretta is a feature-packed vest designed with the competitive shooter in mind. The garment combines stretch cotton with breathable ‘3D’ mesh for comfort and ease of movement in warm weather. Cotton shoulder patches provide resistance to felt recoil.

This recoil protection can be further upgraded by inserting Beretta Recoil Reducer Evo pads. These polyurethane recoil absorbers fit perfectly into the recoil pad pockets on the shoulders or can be cut to size to fit the user’s needs. The vest is available in three colourways, Grey and Orange, Green and Chocolate Brown or Blue Total Eclipse and Royal Blue.

Key points

  • Cotton shoulder shooting patches
  • Perfect for warm weather shooting
  • Two-way YKK zip
  • Large front cartridge pockets with double entrance
  • Breathable elastic 3D mesh on the back
  • Loop for earmuffs/towel binding on both sides
  • Internal pockets for the Beretta Recoil Reducer EVO pads, sold separately
  • RRP £120.95
  • RRP £19.95 (Evo Pads)