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If you’re looking for instructions on how to improve your shooting or maintain your shotgun or rifle then you’ve come to the right place.

This section offers advice  from the finest professionals and shooting aces in the country, gun manufacturers and gunsmiths.

It covers everything from how a gun works, to shooting psychology, the anatomy of a shotgun and gun fit.

You’ll also learn how to deal with shooting in bad weather and how to shoot under pressure.

Swinton Estate shooting

How to be a better Shot

All of us would probably like to admit that we’d like to be a better Shot than we are. We might have been shooting out in the field for years, but there is always room for improvement. Refining our technique is something we should all work on. I thought it…

simulated game day

Get better at game on clays

It’s that time of year when an invitation to shoot rolls into the inbox and stings the average game Shot into confronting the fact they haven’t picked up a gun in something approaching a year. In the age of COVID-19, that might even be two years for some of us,…

fox in night vision scope

Tips for night vision shooting

Night vision shooting has seen tremendous technological advances in recent years, such as equipment becoming smaller and lighter. Although the equipment works in any weather, cold nights give the best results for night vision shooting; rainy nights can make the image seem pixellated or indistinct. (Read our review of the…

shooting with both eyes open

Shooting with both eyes open – why it’s something to aim for

Out of season is the ideal time to work on improving your shooting technique and one of the questions I get asked frequently is about shooting with both eyes open. One eye or two? There are two different ways of shooting — monocular versus binocular — which basically means with…

shooting pigeons

Practising for the next shooting season

For many, it must feel like you haven’t picked up a gun for months. For many game Shots, this could be the case, especially with the season being affected by COVID-19. Covid is no excuse for not picking up the gun, nor is a disjointed season. Regardless of what has…

shooting instruction

How to find the right shooting coach

In these strange times while we’re all still in lockdown, some of you may have found yourselves thinking about how to improve your shooting, as and when we can get back to some sort of normality. Shooting instructors This is a subject that infuriates the proper professionals. It is a…

browning a covey

How top Shots minimise misses

Looking out of my window at a big cock bird picking his way down a hedge, just beyond my garden, it strikes me that I shot fewer days this season than in any other since childhood. In truth, it showed. Rather than getting into my stride, I frequently found myself…

position for rifle shooting

Finding the best position for rifle shooting

There are various positions from which you can shoot a rifle. But which is the correct position for rifle shooting for you? Let’s take a look at some options and see how you can improve. Remember you should not immediately expect 1in groups at 100m from these positions. Check and…

Barrel length

Giving the very high birds your best shot

High bird shooting is a specialist subject. Some devote themselves to nothing else, but is there an optimum barrel length for it? It might surprise you to learn that the fashion for long barrels is nothing new. Take a look at any of the fowling 4- and 8-bore shotguns from…

improve clayshooting

Techniques and skills for hitting the target

Investigating and improving shooting techniques Going-away targets, low incomers and high crossers are what clayshooters frequently  want to investigate and improve, namely walked-up and driven grouse 
and pheasants. Straight lines The only targets that do not require the shot pattern to be placed ahead of the clay on its flightline…

first focal plane

What you need to know about focal planes

Many rifle shooters don’t really understand the difference between focal planes and it’s an aspect of rifle scopes that is often confusing to many. Basically, the difference between a first and second focal plane scope is where the reticule is positioned within the rifle scope. This affects the image seen…