Hints and tips on improving your clay pigeon shooting technique

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How to improve your clay shooting scores

Practice makes perfect and if you could spend all day on the clay ground practising your shooting there is no doubt that you would improve your clay shooting scores. However life has a habit of getting in the way and so there’s only so much time in the week you…

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Walked-up shooting and the going away bird

For clay pigeon shooting enthusiasts and game shooters alike, walked-up shooting is making more and more sense. Here is how to prepare for typical going away targets.

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How to avoid getting a bruised face when shooting

Q: I really hope you can help me. I am tired of getting a bruised cheek from a shotgun. I am a regular clayshooter but find it very uncomfortable to shoot any more than 50 clay targets due to a very sore face. I have tried lots of different cartridge…

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Best clayshooting grounds in the UK (according to our reviewers)

Clayshooting is increasingly popular as people want to enjoy an outdoor sport that is healthy, inclusive and accessible. Whether you’re a keen clayshooter who enjoys the challenge of the different clay disciplines or whether you’re first and foremost a game shooter who likes to keep their eye in out of…

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Clayshooting competitions: Here’s how to shoot your way to success

When I’m preparing a relatively new clayshooter for clayshooting competitions my lessons follow a certain format. Once we have gun, clay cartridges, hearing and eye protection sorted we get straight out onto the ground. A lesson in clayshooting competitions We begin shooting a few easy targets to warm up and…

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Clay pigeon shooting in Yorkshire – where should you go?

We’ve listed some of the best clay pigeon shooting in Yorkshire available. Two of the clay grounds featured here have a cast iron reputation for showing the highest driven clays in the UK. If you can do a job on what they throw into the stratosphere then you’ll be well…

Rabbit clay target

How to hit the rabbit clay target

The dreaded rabbit clay target. It’s the one that most shooters dread and come unstuck by. You’ll hear clayshooters moan and groan about one as they walk to the stand. Then the excuses start and they’re talking themselves into missing as the elusive rabbit rolls along the floor. So what’s…

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Shooting grounds open for business from 29th March 2021

Roll on 29th March 2021 when many shooting grounds will be open again. (Those opening a few days later are listed.) We’ve had a look around to see which you can visit and have listed some of the main ones around the country. Don’t just turn up and expect to…

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How to deal with the different clay targets

Maybe you’re new to clayshooting or maybe you’re looking at honing your technique after some months off. Whatever the aim, knowing how to deal with the different clay targets and how they are presented to you is key. Read our guide and you’ll not only understand the terminology, but you…

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The most common mistakes on the shooting ground (and how to correct them)

So not  long now until you can get out on the clayshooting ground (29th March) and smash some clays. Most of us want will want to improve our shooting by addressing the common shooting mistakes we know we make. Follow these tips from Bisley instructor Tony Bracci and you’ll improve…

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Am I rushing my second shot?

Q: I have started to struggle with hitting two birds on the trot with a slight gap between them. I often kill the first bird and miss the second, is there anything I can do that will help? A: You are clearly doing something right as you say you are…

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How to start clayshooting

So you've decided to venture onto a clay ground with a view to taking up the sport. Congratulations. It's a popular pastime for good reason, as you'll discover.