Hints and tips on improving your clay pigeon shooting technique

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Shooting grounds open for business from 29th March 2021

Roll on 29th March 2021 when many shooting grounds will be open again. (Those opening a few days later are listed.) We’ve had a look around to see which you can visit and have listed some of the main ones around the country. Don’t just turn up and expect to…

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How to deal with the different clay targets

Maybe you’re new to clayshooting or maybe you’re looking at honing your technique after some months off. Whatever the aim, knowing how to deal with the different clay targets and how they are presented to you is key. Read our guide and you’ll not only understand the terminology, but you…

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The most common mistakes on the shooting ground (and how to correct them)

So not  long now until you can get out on the clayshooting ground (29th March) and smash some clays. Most of us want will want to improve our shooting by addressing the common shooting mistakes we know we make. Follow these tips from Bisley instructor Tony Bracci and you’ll improve…

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Am I rushing my second shot?

Q: I have started to struggle with hitting two birds on the trot with a slight gap between them. I often kill the first bird and miss the second, is there anything I can do that will help? A: You are clearly doing something right as you say you are…

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How to start clayshooting

So you've decided to venture onto a clay ground with a view to taking up the sport. Congratulations. It's a popular pastime for good reason, as you'll discover. 

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Techniques and skills for hitting the target

Investigating and improving shooting techniques Going-away targets, low incomers and high crossers are what clayshooters frequently  want to investigate and improve, namely walked-up and driven grouse 
and pheasants. Straight lines The only targets that do not require the shot pattern to be placed ahead of the clay on its flightline…

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Five things to do to get your clayshooting back up to scratch again

After lockdown some of us will have lost our ‘edge’ and will need to improve clayshooting skills again. Almost all of us will be out of practice. Here I will highlight a few of the more common tendencies and unwelcome techniques that are likely to show up and catch us…

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Clayshooting grounds just an hour from London

The good news is that many clay grounds have recently reopened after lockdown and more are opening daily. Below we’ve rounded up clay pigeon shooting grounds near London. We’ve marked the ones that are open again at the time of writing. None take longer than an hour to get to…

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Exercises for clayshooters

None of us at the moment can get out and shoot as we normally would. There are, however, a 
few things that we can do to 
keep our eye in. Hopefully, by the time 
you read this your local clay ground will be open again but these exercises for clayshooters…

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Female Guns out in the field and on the clay ground

Just over 35,000 women in England and Wales hold a shotgun/firearms certificate and official figures show that these numbers are growing annually. This year women are having to forego the get-togethers of National Ladies Shooting Day although many clay grounds have of course recently reopened for business. So as long…

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How to read the clay target

Even with the best technique in the world, to succeed at a high level you must be able to size up a target in seconds.

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We’ve picked out some of the best clayshooting grounds in the UK

Clayshooting is an excellent way of keeping your eye in and improving your technique out of season. Of course, it’s also a popular sport in its own right. Whether you want to brush up on your skills, learn to shoot clays or just enjoy a day out on a shooting…