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How to be a better Shot

It’s amazing how quickly the season comes around. Now is the perfect time to get yourself properly prepared for the forthcoming season. The worst thing you can do is to leave it to the last minute, and it is remarkable how many people do just that. In this piece I…

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First ever Shooting UK Gamekeeper Day storming success

Liam Bell is the head gamekeeper at stunning Millichope Park, a traditional family-owned and run estate. He is also a regional chairman of the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation and a judge for the annual Time Inc. Shooting Industry Awards. Shooting Times readers will know Liam from his popular “On the Shoot”…


Increase confidence in your shooting

Everyone misses easy birds. From the humble amateur to the duke of wherever, nobody is perfect. Leg-pulling about missed sitters has been part and parcel of shooting since the days of frock coats and flintlocks and, more often than not, when someone knows why they have missed, things are soon…

When did you last get your eyes tested?

When did you last get your eyes tested: When did you last have an eye test? To shoot well – and keep shooting into retirement – we all need to look after our peepers, as Ian reports.