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PES T12 sound moderator review

I’m not a rifle boffin and can’t explain why my .243 Remington should be deadly accurate with any bullet up to 80 grain, but could never better a six-inch group with 100 grain ammunition at 100 yards.

Not, that is, until I fitted it with a sound moderator.

All I can think is that somehow or other the extra weight on the barrel has helped stabilise the rifle and my aim – I now get consistent groups of around 1.1/4in at that distance.

And at last I’m happy.

The other beauty of a moderator is that it also reduces recoil to the extent you can keep a target in view through the ‘scope after the shot has been taken – in almost the same way as you do with a .22 rimfire.

The problem, however, was picking a suitable moderator; look through the books and you’ll find dozens competing for your brass.

In the end I picked a New Zealand-made PES T12, mainly because a mate owns one and loves it to bits, but also because it’s a consistent front-runner in noise suppression tests.

This over-the-barrel T12 has a nice slim profile and it’s made from stainless steel with a take-apart facility for easy cleaning.

In other words, as long as I look after it properly, it will last me for years!



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