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Lady’s Wood Shooting School

Lady's Wood Shooting School, South Gloucestershire

Lady’s Wood Shooting School, established over 30 years ago by the late Michael Pinker is unique, for what other shooting ground operates in conjunction with a woodland nature reserve?

There is much that is unusual about Lady’s Wood Shooting School. Not least is the location and setting,  the 65-acre site comprising woodland and meadows is just off the motorway only two miles north of Chipping Sodbury in South Gloucestershire. When you arrive you have to be careful of the peafowl and guineafowl which wander the attractive grounds, unconcerned by the presence of vehicles or their occupants.

Behind the Lodge, where clients and guests congregate, some 35 acres of mixed woodland accommodates a series of stands, largely established along the edge of the wood and adjacent to 30 acres of meadow and pasture. It is an ideal setting, enabling the school to provide a wide range of simulated game scenarios. Looming over it all is the 120ft high tower from whose summit can be thrown the ultimate in high birds.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Lady’s Wood is the fact that, despite noise created by the presence of so many Guns and the constant crackle of gunfire, the wood is a haven for wildlife, and a testimony to the fact that clayshooting on this scale is accepted and tolerated by a wide range of birdlife and animals. The wood is home to sparrowhawks, kestrels, buzzards, songbirds, roe deer and muntjac, all of which appear to thrive despite the disturbance.

Lady’s Wood is different

Lady’s Wood is not a conventional clay ground. It is really geared to gameshooters, experienced, novice or complete beginners. For this reason the busiest period is July through to the end of the shooting season.