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The best Tattersall shirts for shooting

A traditionally checked shooting shirt will never look out of place in the field

Tattersall shirts worn by country people

Tattersall shirts are almost a uniform amongst fieldsports fans

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The best Tattersall shirts are design classics for shooting and a garment that no countryman or woman should be without. (For our list of the best shooting shirts see here.)

Tattersall is basically a check or plaid pattern woven into cloth. There are are numerous patterns, as you’ll see in our line up of the best Tattersall shirts we’ve listed below. The description “Tattersall” was first used in the early 1700s and the term is drawn from Tattersall market’s horse blankets. (You’ll find a list of our best shooting jackets here.)

We asked a few keen Shots about what they look for in Tattersall shirts. Oliver Pope of the Wrackleford Estate said: “A reinforced collar and cuffs are essential as the shirts do need to be quite hardwearing for constant heavy use and to look smart. I also wear them with a personal connection tie (something from my past or a connection with someone who is there). ”

Gundog expert and Shooting Times contributor David Tomlinson commented: “For shooting/picking up I opt for a long-sleeved cotton Tattersall shirt with breast pocket. Wearing a tie is optional but if shooting (which I don’t anymore) I would wear one. If picking up or beating a tie isn’t really necessary.”

Graham Downing in one of his Tattersall shirts

Graham Downing in one of his Tattersall shirts

Shooting Times contributor and keen stalker Graham Downing said: “Tattersall check shirts in a Viyella wool and cotton mix fabric are universally popular. If you’re shooting wild game, try looking for a check pattern on a green background.”

Tattersall shirt ad in Country Life

Tattersall shirts never go out of fashion

The best Tattersall shirts

1. Musto Mens Classic Button Down Shirt 2021 WAS £60, NOW £34.95

Musto Tattersall check shirt

Musto Tattersall check shirt

Best for repelling odours

  • Material: 100% cotton twill
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Colours: Carrick Yew, PCF Tattersall Check, Wimbourne Field

+ Anti-microbial finish

+ Three colours available

Musto has gained a popular following amongst shooters looking for value and quality and this shirt fills the brief. Made from a 100% cotton twill it will take you from the field to the pub effortlessly and is machine washable at 40°C.


2. Country Shirts by Joseph Turner 3 for £99 

Tan/Sky Country Check Shirt

Best for value

  • Material: 100% pure brushed cotton
  • Colour: 10  different colourways to choose from (Tan/Sky shown above)
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Length: Regular or long
  • Sizes: 15″ collar to 19″ collar
  • Sleeves: Can be adjusted to fit.

Beautifully made in a classic country design, these shirts feature a two-piece collar and a split back yoke for a smooth fit. We think they are an absolute bargain at this price.


3. Hoggs of Fife Mens Inverness Shirt from £24.95

best Tattersall check shirts

Hoggs of Fife Mens Inverness shirt

Best for traditionalists

  • Material: 100% Long Staple Cotton
  • Colour: Blue, brown, white
  • Size: S to 3XL
  • Care: Machine washable

This is a more contemporary version of the Hoggs Pure Cotton Tattersall Shirt. It wicks away moisture, has a single yoke design and classic collar shape. At this price you could probably afford to buy two or even three.


best Tattersall shirts

Tattersall check shirt, tie and jacket. All set.

4. Mens Game Tattersall Long Sleeved Country Check Shirt £14.95

mens game tattersall check shirt

Best for low price

  • Material: Easy care 65% polyester, 35% cotton
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Colours: Blue, brown/green, brown/navy, green
  • Sizes: S to XXL

If you’re looking for a complete bargain then this regular fit Tattersall check shirt has to be it. At this price you can’t really go wrong.


5. Beretta Mens Classic Shirt £33.95

Beretta shirt

Beretta shirt

Best for warmer weather

Fabric: 100% cotton twill

Care: Machine washable

Colour: White/blue navy, yellow/green/amber

Size: S-XXXL

This shirt from Beretta is available in a classic mustard check but if you fancy something a little different you could opt for a yellow/green and amber shade, which would still look good in the field. The fabric has been given a high wicking treatment so you will stay cool and dry even during energetic pursuits.


6. Schöffel Mens Burnham Tattersall Shirt £55.95 – £69.95

schoffel shirt

Best for collar sizes

  • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Sizes: 15″-19.5″ collar
  • Colours: Blue/olive, aubergine, bordeaux, red/green, riverbed, ruby
  • Care: Machine washable

Another well-respected name in the field, this shirt by Schöffel offers the looks and feel you’d expect. The collar and cuffs have a smart tonal lining and you can fasten with buttons or cuff links. It will look good with a jacket and tie too. (See our list of the best moleskin trousers here.)


Schöffel Womens Ashley Tattersall Shirt £69.95

Womens Tattersall check shirt

Best for fit

  • Fabric: 97% cotton, 3% elastane
  • Sizes: 8-20
  • Colours: Dusty pink/chilli/green/grey, grey chilli/mode/cobalt
  • Care: Machine washable

Female shooters will find that a shirt cut for women will fit and flatter much more than wearing a man’s shirt. This one is a classic, in the traditional Tattersall check. It’s made from 97% cotton with 3% elastane which allows for extra stretch and comfort. The shirt fits beautifully under a gilet or jacket or holds its own alone, perhaps with a silk scarf tucked in at the neckline. (See our list of the best quilted jackets and gilets here.)


Laksen Mens Robbie Shirt £64.95

Laksen Tattersall check shirt

Best for home or office

  • Fabric: 100% cotton twill
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Colours: Purple/green/navy
  • Sizes: M, L, XXL

Lightweight and breathable, the Robbie shirt has the classic check design. It’s equally at home for a day in the office or walking along the hedgerows. The Robbie has adjustable cuffs, so you can sport a favourite pair of cufflinks if you so wish. (See our list of the best shooting ties here.)


Harkila Mens Retrieve Shirt £65.99

Best for travelling

  • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Sizes: M-XXL
  • Colour: Burgundy check, dark olive check

+ Non-iron cotton

The Retrieve shirt is ideal to pack in your bag if you’re away shooting for a weekend or the day. Shake it out on arrival and you won’t have to search for an iron.

And when you need to wash it, just hang it up on a hanger to dry afterwards until you need to wear it.


Alan Paine Mens Ilkley Shirt £29.95-£49.95

Alan Paine Tattersall shirt

Best for freedom of movement

  • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Colours: Blue, blue/beige, brown, brown country,  check pink
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Sizes: S-5XL

Excellent value for money, these shirts are cut slightly longer which allows greater freedom of movement. Created from 100% cotton which is comfortable to wear with very little ironing necessary.


Men’s Cotton & Wool Tattersall Shirt £39.95 (was £59.95)

Best for warmth

  • Fabric: 90% cotton and 10% wool
  • Colours: Camel/navy/burgundy, sticky toffee, water chestnut
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Sizes: 15-18″ collar

In the winter months this comfortable and soft shirts acts as an extra layer to keep you warm whilst you’re standing on the peg or out training a dog. It’s made especially for House of Bruar who have a good selection of Tattersall shirts available.