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Gloves for airgunners – what’s suitable?

Cold hands are a real concern in icy weather

gloves for airgunners

MacWet gloves offer warmth, concealment and trigger feel

Q: I’m struggling to find a pair 
of gloves that are suitable for airgun shooting. Like many airgun shooters, I like to set my trigger fairly light and that can make for tricky shooting with gloved hands. Is there anything that combines warmth with good trigger feel?

Camouflage and comfort

A: Like you, I prefer a light trigger and that can make gloves feel like an encumbrance. Shooting without gloves is probably the best option, but that is not always desirable in cold conditions or when you need to hide your skin from sharp-eyed quarry.

My choice of suitable gloves for airgunners boils down to two main options. In really cold conditions when insulation is paramount, I’ll go for 
a neoprene glove or woollen mitten with foldback fingers so I have sufficient feel and dexterity for trigger control and tasks such as reloading. When it is not so cold but I want to keep my hands concealed, I’ll wear a thinner glove such as MacWet. These gloves offer impressive trigger feel and excellent grip, even when wet, and the Climatec version also provides some insulation against the cold.

Tips for keeping warm when airgunning

  • Invest in charcoal handwarmers or gel packs that heat up and sit in your pocket. (Or inside your boots.)
  • Several thin layers are more effective than one thick one
  • Thermals are well worth the investment
  • The first parts of the body to get chilled are usually the feet, because they are only separated from the cold ground by a few millimetres of boot rubber. Neoprene lined boots can make a bit difference to a day’s enjoyment or buy a pair of insulated thermal socks or neoprene bootie liners.
  • Cold toes will creep through your legs and chill the rest of your body. Cold feet are no fun and their numbness will affect your outing’s enjoyment.
  • Don’t forget a warm hat