Thinking about getting some gloves for shooting? Here are some tips on what to look out for. (We include some Amazon shopping links below to help you buy, from which we can earn a small commission.)

Some Guns wear shooting gloves, others don’t. But they’re certainly useful in very cold weather and for protecting your hands against hot barrels.

We asked around to see what people use for the different disciplines, from airgunning, clayshooting, gameshooting and stalking

Patrick Galbraith, Editor of Shooting Times replied: “I’m afraid I don’t actually use any. I should get some though.” 

Seeland Winster Softshell Gloves

gloves for shooting

Seeland Winster softshell gloves

Matt Clark, Editor of Sporting Gun commented: “My favourite gloves at the moment are the Seeland Winster Softshell gloves. 

“They are warm but not too thick, so you don’t lose sensitivity in your fingers. A stretchy adjustable cuff fits snugly around the wrist ensuring your hands are insulated against the cold and wet.  Being made from a stretchy material they are very comfortable and the material on the palm provide amazing grip making gun handling in the cold safe.  I use mine for walked up shooting as well as clayshooting.”

Features of Seeland Winster Softshell gloves

  • Waterproof and breathable SEETEX� membrane
  • Fold-back trigger finger with magnetic closure
  • Safe-grip palm

Buy Seeland Winster Softshell gloves now from Amazon from £19.92

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