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Nite MX10 tactical watch

The addition of the black PVD bracelet instead of the polymer strap makes this watch look classy and has no issues with being seen hanging out of the sleeve of a tailored suit.

The MX10-300TS is a watch you can depend on and comes with its own NATO stock number (6645-99-133-5227).

It?s also mostly worn by men and is unlikely to appeal to women, but NITE say they are always happy to proven wrong!

The 300TS finds its way into most active careers and sporting environments, so ideal for air soft, clay pigeon or target shooting, hunting, adventure fishing or any other kind outdoor activity.

It’s water resistant to 100m and has a battery life of 45 months.

As soon as you take hold of the watch, it’s weight, balance and tough construction are instantly obvious.

Definitely a watch for those who see a lot of sporting action!