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Shooting kit

We pick the best shooting kit to suit all budgets including shooting coats, shooting breeks, shooting shirts and fleece gilets

best shooting kit

There’s been a revolution in shooting kit in recent years and the word on the street is GORE-TEX®.

Whilst tweeds will always have their place on the shooting field, new technical fabrics have been enthusiastically received too, due to their durability, lightness, waterproof and weatherproof qualities and breathability. The same applies to shooting footwear.

If you’re not dry, comfortable, warm (or cool) or feeling right,  then you won’t shoot well. So unless you want to constantly use indifferent kit as an excuse for shooting poorly, you better invest in some good stuff.

Doing the job and looking the part

However, you don’t always need to spend a lot on the best shooting kit to get something that will do the job and look the part. It largely depends on what job you’re asking the kit to do. Some lower-end items might be heavier, less breathable, less durable and have less functionality than their more expensive counterparts, but if your kit is only going to be used a handful of times a season you might not need all the bells and whistles, so there’s no need to blow the budget. Better to spend some extra on a few lessons. You don’t want to fall into the camp of being known as: “All the gear, no idea”.

If you’re looking for something a bit sturdier, and are happy to spend a bit more, make sure you’re not just paying for the brand name. There’s plenty of shooting kit around for mid- and higher-level budgets that can really work for you in the field and help you make the most of your shooting.

Game fairs and country shows are still the best places to bag serious bargains, but thanks to the Internet there are now plenty of deals to be had all year-round.