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Should everyone be covered by shooting insurance?

Sure it's what every responsible shooter should have in place? Liam Bell answers two queries on the subject.

Shooting insurance for shooters

All responsible shooters should have insurance

Q: I beat on several shoots. The headkeeper on one of them is insisting that anyone who wants to shoot the keeper’s day in January has to produce a certificate or insurance or a membership card for one of the shooting organisations that includes third-part insurance.

None of the beating team on that particular shoot has ever had an accident. W only shoot there one day a year and it is now going to cost us an extra £50 or more to do so. What are your thoughts?

A: I am continually surprised by the number of people who shoot who are uninsured. I think the headkeeper’s stance is perfectly reasonable, and his insistence that anyone shooting the keeper’s days produces an insurance certificate or membership badge from one of the shooting organisations which provide third-party insurance will no doubt form part of his shoot day risk assessment.

The fact that neither you nor any other members of the beating team have ever had a shooting-related accident is good news, but sadly not really relevant. Accidents can happen so quickly, to anyone who is foolish enough to shoot uninsured. Joining a shooting organisation such as the National Gamekeepers Organisation (as a supporter member), costs less than the £50 a year you have quoted, and not only will you be insured for third-party liabilities, you will also be helping to protect the sport you love.