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Spyderco UK PlainEdge penknife

So it was not with great enthusiasm that I opened the new Spyderco UK Penknife. I reluctantly admitted that it has some advantages over my scalpel.

It has a clip that will attach it securely to your belt or inside your pocket (potentially painful with a scalpel).

It can be easily opened with one hand and it can be gripped safely and comfortably when cutting.

All well and good but my test for it was taking the breasts out of 28 pigeons one chilly February morning, when the hands are numb and the cold makes them stiff.

Erm, I have to admit, it was fantastic.

Cutting pigeon meat as if it was butter, trimming shot bits off with ease and finishing the job in under an hour.

But then I?m a penknife kind of guy…

Ring 01625 613 177 for your nearest stockist.

Spyderco UK Penknife PlainEdge