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Starting game shooting

Pit your wits against live quarry by decoying wood pigeon, game shooting and wildfowling

Wildfowling on foreshore

Wildfowling provides some of the tastiest meats for the dinner table


If you can’t afford to buy game shooting by the day, or through a syndicate, we recommend you join one of the many UK wildfowling clubs listed with the BASC. That’s because…

An annual membership fee costs much less than a day’s driven game shoot.

You are mentored in your first season, which means you can learn all about quarry identification, safe gun handling, fieldcraft and practical conservation. Wildfowling also introduces you to gundogs and their priceless contribution to all forms of live quarry shooting.

Most wildfowling clubs also have a woodpigeon section, which gives members the chance to shoot over decoys on regular basis. Many experienced shooters regard the woodie as the ultimate sporting challenge – and shooting it helps protect valuable farm crops.

Last but not least, being a member of a wildfowling club means you can put some of the tastiest of all meats on the family dinner table.

pigeon shooting

Pigeon shooting is the easiest introduction to live quarry shooting

Pigeon shooting

Pigeon shooting is is probably the easiest introduction to live quarry shooting; it’s brilliant sport, fulfils a much needed and necessary pest control service – and the birds taste great as well! How many more reasons do you need?

One of the hardest things about pigeon shooting is getting permission from a farmer to shoot over his land in the first place. But all you’ve got to do is ask, and the worst he can say is no. You might have to develop a bit of a thick skin if you live in over-shot areas, but don’t worry about being refused permission; it’s not personal, if at first you don’t succeed…

Remember, though, pigeons are pests – and most farmers will be happy to let you help control a list of pigeon shooting clubs) their numbers. If you’re really stuck for somewhere to shoot you could get in touch with BASC (who keep a list of pigeon shooting clubs) or your local rep for the National Organisation of Beaters might know of available shooting in your area.

Good game shooting

The quality of the shooting is just one of many aspects which make a day enjoyable.

Game shooting

Driven game shooting is not only a formal, social occasion; it’s also fantastic sport.

At the start of the day each gun will draw their peg number. Don’t forget it! the peg system is used so nobody gets the best position all the time. At the end of every drive each gun will move up, say, a couple of peg positions. This way everyone gets to shoot in the centre, and at the edges, of the line. You might find you’re in the hot-spot on most drives, or you might be out of the shooting all day – but that’s the classic “luck of the draw!”

If you accept an invitation to shoot somewhere it’s very bad form to cancel because you’ve been offered another (maybe better) invitation. Don’t do it – people will find out, you’ll soon get a bad reputation and the invites will dry up.