Tom Sykes looks at the different duck calls he uses to give him the edge when shooting on the foreshore

6 in 1 whistle

6 in 1 whistle

6-in-1 whistle

These whistles have a variety of names and numbers, all depending on how many calls you can get out of one. I know that I can produce more than six different duck calls. These are a really great call and used to replicate a massive range of species such as teal, mallard, wigeon, pintail, pigeon as well as non-target species like curlew, red shank, buzzard, owl and even used as a dog whistle.

This call is typically a whistle, but the call can be varied depending on how you cover the exhaust of the call and blow into it.

The most common call I use this for is a teal “pip” which the drakes do. This is achieved by blowing short bursts of air into the call to mimic the “pip” sound. I will add a gurgle or purr to improve the realism and lightly insert my finger into the exhaust of the call to change the pitch.

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  2. 2. Wigeon whistle
  3. 3. Wigeon growl
  4. 4. 6-in-1 whistle
  5. 5. Hen teal call
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