John Bidwell
Try guns are all well and good but they are only really effective if the man wielding the Allen keys and tweaking the adjustable bits on these stocks knows his stuff.

I would rather take note of what an experienced gunsmith or instructor has to say about a stock and the man behind it than an inept fitter who isn’t a master of his craft.

That said there are massively skilled fitters such as Alan Rose of West London Shooting School who do use the try gun to great effect and who are consistently able to achieve top results.

Then again, folk like Alan have coached thousands of shooting fans in their time and seen countless others in action.

They are actually able to make accurate assessments of what’s needed without a try gun in sight, just by watching how someone goes about shooting.

Everyone should start shooting with a gun that fits reasonably well but the full benefit in using a gun that fits precisely can only be achieved when the shooter has a clear understanding of his own shooting technique and is able to mount the gun properly and consistently each and every shot.