shotgun certificate

If you’re new to shooting and want to own a gun then you’ll need to get a shotgun certificate or firearms certificate

Or maybe you’ve been shooting a while but want to renew your shotgun  certificate.

Here are useful articles to help you, covering all the legal aspects.

Police cautions, GP involvement …

What happens if you get a formal police caution? Will it mean the end of your shooting career?

What’s the current situation on medical verification? Do you have to pay your GP to get your certificate through?

What should you do if you inherit a shotgun and you don’t currently have a shotgun certificate yourself? Are you breaking the law? What can you do about it?

And what if you have a holiday home? Should you list your guns as stored there or at your main home. What’s best?

Antique guns

What about antique guns? The law changed on 22 September 2021 meaning owners of firearms which were previously classed as antique require a firearms licence for them.

It is a simple matter to put an antique shotgun on a certificate. All you have to do is to complete Table 2, and inform the police that you no longer keep the shotgun as an antique firearm under the Section 58(2) exemption and that henceforth you will be using it. It is always a good idea to include an approximate date in the entry on the certificate as this makes it easier to remove if you decide to stop using it.

Q:  I want to use an antique percussion shotgun for clays and rough shooting. When I applied for it to be put on my licence, the police said that I had to have it proof tested before they would allow me to use it. Is that correct?

A: No. Whether or not a gun has been proofed is not a matter for police licensing departments and they have no jurisdiction in the matter.




FAQs about shotgun certificate applications

Q. How much does a shotgun certificate cost and how long does it run for? A. A certificate is valid for five years, after which it must be renewed  if you wish to continue to possess shotguns. A new certificate costs £79.50 and renewal is £49. Q. How old do…

country cottage

Can I leave a shotgun at my holiday home?

All being well, we’ll be able to go further afield this summer and for those of you lucky to have another property, you could well be wondering if it’s legal to leave a shotgun at a holiday home so that you can do a bit of roughshooting when you’re down…

Man with shotgun

Why the Home Office consultation on firearms licensing is a muddle

Firearms licensing has never been satisfactory, but it became an even bigger mess in April 2016 when the Home Office introduced new medical requirements. These were agreed between the Home Office, British Medical Association, shooting organisations and the police. The BMA broke ranks almost immediately and some police forces were…

add guns to firearms certificate

How do I add guns to a firearms certificate?

Q: I have held a shotgun certificate for 40 years, initially for roughshooting, but in recent years, mainly for skeet and DTL. Two years ago I decided that I would like to add FAC to my shooting disciplines and  joined my local shooting club as an airgun member, being added to…