pigeon shooting kit binoculars

Why you should try binoculars out for yourself before buying

I have been thinking of upgrading my binos. Why? Because I can, is the truthful answer. Not that I want to admit that to myself or anybody else, of course. It is amazing how you can seize upon convenient arguments to justify almost any spending decision. Especially during a lockdown,…

using thermal imagers ethically 

Why thermal-imaging binoculars will change stalking forever

From time to time in the stalking world there comes along some advance or technical development that is a game changer. Usually it is roundly disapproved of until it becomes clear that it brings real advantage to the stalker, at which point everybody starts using it. When rifle scopes started…

best binoculars for hunting

Five of the best binoculars

What size of binoculars would you recommend for deer stalking? Is there a good compromise that can be used for both woodland and open hill work?