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Browning 725

Browning B725 Hunter UK Black Gold II

Browning B725 Hunter UK Black Gold II reviewed by Shooting Gazette

With a long history of slow change in its guns, it should come as little surprise that this latest model from Browning – Browning B725 Hunter UK Black Gold II – offers only small tweaks to an existing pattern. Fortunately, the B725 is a very successful pattern for this famed…

Browning 725 Hunter UK Premium II

Browning 725 Hunter UK Premium II reviewed by Shooting Gazette

Apparently, for any product to truly be a success in this day and age it seems it must be offered in a bewildering array of models and specifications. Take technology giant Apple, for example. Once known for making a few uniquely stylish products to exacting standards, in 10 years its…

Browning 725 Pro Sport Adjustable

Browning 725 Pro Sport Adjustable

An evolution rather than an all-new design, the 725 moves on from its 1970s development with tweaks and improvements bringing it right up to date. For more than 40 years, Browning has used essentially the same basic platform for its mainstream range of guns and why not? It is a…

Browning B725 20-bore Hunter LIght

Browning B725 20-bore Hunter Light

The B725 is a continually evolving platform that Browning is using to develop an ever increasing range of guns with. The 20-bore version has come out of the last two to three seasons. One of the later editions is the new Hunter Light. The 725 is the natural successor to the 525 series, which itself was preceded…

Second-hand Browning B525

Gun reviews: Secondhand Browning B525: When Browning introduced their B725 model last year, a lot of people thought that the 525 had come to the end of its production run.

Browning B725 20 bore

Browning B725 20 bore

The Browning B725 had a lot to live up to in replacing Browning‘s ageing but extremely successful B525. Thankfully, the Belgium-based company produced a gun which has proved popular  with the public and critics alike since its launch in the first half of 2013. I was suitably impressed when I tested the 12 bore Hunter (game) model, finding a gun with…

Secondhand Browning B725

Secondhand Browning B725

When Browning introduced the B725 shotgun a little over two years ago, the reaction among a number of shooters was to ask why they bothered? This was not so much a criticism as an acknowledgment that it would be hard, if not impossible, to improve on the B525 it looked set to replace. Before we go any…

Browning B725 Black Edition

Browning B725 Black Edition

Browning’s B725 has been with us for about three years now. Gradually, the range is expanding as we’ve seen various versions of the Hunter or game version and also a 20-bore. An addition to the Sporting range is the Black Edition. It is effectively the same as the standard Sporter,…

Browning 725 hunter

20-bore Browning 725 Hunter UK

Standing on the shoulders of their 12-bore, the new 20-bore Browning 725 Hunter UK is going to be very popular with gameshooters, says Jason Harris

Browning B725 Sporter

Browning B725 Sporter

The Browning B725 Sporter is a wholly new gun and carries a modern look, but it isn’t a radical departure from what we are used to

Browning B725 Hunter G1

Gun reviews: Browning B725 Hunter G1 shotgun

Gun reviews: Browning B725 Hunter G1 shotgun: When it comes to Browning guns, it is tempting to wonder just how often the company thinks it can reinvent the wheel.