Scottish airgun bill under fire

A bill for the licensing of airguns in Scotland has met with fierce criticism from shooting and countryside organisations and its effectiveness and enforceability questioned by the Law Society of Scotland. The Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill would, if passed in its current form, require anyone wishing to own…

secondhand benelli m2 review

Secondhand Benelli M2

A secondhand Benelli M2 is really for pest control, mainly pigeon, crows and rabbits. As a bonus for pest control, the guns will handle big-shot magnum shells, making them also suitable for fox control at short range.

how to choose camouflage

How to choose the right camouflage

By Jon Snowdon Guests preparing to visit Greenlee for deer stalking often ask what they should bring with regards to equipment, especially clothing. They query if it is acceptable to wear camouflage – to which the answer is yes, of course. We do, however, stalk over some ground where those…

shot gun certificate

BASC: licence fee increases will be fair

Director of communications Christopher Graffius, who sits on the working group looking into licensing costs, told Shooting Times that BASC was working to ensure that the shooting community was not treated as a source of easy revenue. He vowed to keep fees fair, saying that: “Many of those calling for…

ferreting kit

Essential ferreting equipment

Simon Whitehead goes back to basics in this video to show you the ferreting equipment he always uses. Naturally, the first tool you need for ferreting are the ferrets and the means to transport them. Simon uses a carrying box that doubles up as a seat. It’s brightly coloured so you…

Melanie Sykes Clay Shooting

Melanie Sykes Interview

So, Melanie Sykes, you’re a TV presenter who has just become the new face of BT’s MotoGP programme, you must be chuffed to bits? Melanie Sykes: “I really couldn’t be happier; a sport that excites me and working with people like Neil Hodgson and James Toseland. What’s not to like,…


Why pest control is essential if we still want to hear birdsong

Our wildlife has declined by 50 per cent in the past 40 years. Predators have gained the upper hand throughout Britain and nowhere is safe. Pest control is essential if the next generation is ever to hear birdsong, says Richard Brigham


Deer Trophy Preparation

The task of preparing deer trophies is not one that is relished by many stalkers — it’s a bit of a messy (and sometimes smelly) job — but it is worth taking the time and trouble to do it properly. And who better to demonstrate this than CIC trophy judge…

venison steak

Game cookery workshops with Shooting Gazette chef Lee Maycock

Just writing “game” makes me hungry; the mere thought of a succulent venison burger smothered in Caerphilly cheese moves me to soothe my growling stomach with a gentle pat. As has been documented time and time again on these pages, game, whether winged, hooved or pawed is everywhere now, and…

New ShootingUK website launched

Most importantly, we’ve merged the Shooting Times, Sporting Gun and Shooting Gazette websites to sit under ShootingUK. This is great for you as a user because you can find all of our content on one website, instead of having to navigate between the separate websites. What happened to the other…

golf clay pigeon shooting

Clay pigeon golf shoot

Some of the world’s best golfers got together during the 2010 European Tour to try clay pigeon shooting with a difference. The video shows Tongchai Jaidee, David Horsey, Johan Edfors and Simon Kahn try to smash clays with their golf balls.

pheasant shooting

Innovations in game husbandry

It's said that there's nothing new under the sun. That may be true to an extent, but game rearing disproves it.

Review: The White Horse Inn

The White Horse Inn in Chichester is the ultimate place to unwind, nestled in the peaceful South Downs and a short drive from the unusual Apsley Sporting ground

Beretta 1301 semi auto review

Jason Harris looks at an unusual gun for pest control. Just imagine the reaction if you took it on a driven pheasant shoot!