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Want to improve your shooting? It is something we all aim for and every shooter could learn something new to refine their technique.

We asked Mark Heath, head instructor at West London Shooting School for some top tips. He has taught hundreds of people to shoot, both beginners and those who have been out in the field for years but who have fallen into bad habits along the way.

He says:

  • Don’t underestimate the need for concentration when shooting, as opposed to aggressive speed and lack of focus. Lacking concentration  will not get you anywhere.
  • Shooting large amounts of cartridges can become expensive. Instead invest in a couple of lessons with an instructor who can analysis your faults and correct them for the future. This will result in less cartridges being used to perfect your shot.
  • Having a well fitted gun is essential for this sport. If your gun is not shooting where you are looking you are playing shooting roulette. You may win and you may not.
  • Follow a pre-shot routine that works for you,  allowing you to build up your confidence and perfect your routine.
  • Find a cartridge that you have confidence in and stick to it! If you keep changing and are swayed by the  latest trend this will not help keep your consistency.

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