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Airgun laws and security requirements you need to know

Are you up to speed on airgun laws? Can a parent, friend or relative buy a youngster an airgun? Here’s a query we recently received from a concerned parent. Q: Can my ex-husband buy an air rifle for our nine-year-old? Is it legal? My son seems a bit young for…

10.6mm German M83 revolver

Antique firearms law changes 22 September 2021

Owners of firearms which were previously classed as antique will require a firearms licence for them from Wednesday 22 September 2021 when the antique firearms law changes. This follows legislation passed earlier this year on 22 March with the passage of the Antique Firearms Regulations 2021, which gave the definition of…

10.6mm German M83 revolver

Changes to antique firearms regulations

With the passage of the Antique Firearms Regulations 2021, British law includes the definition of what constitutes an antique firearm for the first time in legal history. Previously, there was no such definition, with the law relying on the common or usual meaning of the word ‘antique’ — in other…

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Threat to young airgunners with proposed Home Office law changes

Shooting groups are lobbying against the Home Office’s proposed amendments to airgun legislation, which would prevent those between 14 and 17 taking an airgun out alone, even in a private garden. Of particular concern is the impact on thousands of under-18s who use airguns as part of their work for…

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It’s time to change the law on working gundog theft

Dog thefts, especially those of working gundogs, are on the rise. One of the great mysteries about stolen gundogs is what happens to them as almost all disappear without trace. What happens to stolen gundogs? We have all heard suggestions that they are taken to be sold on as trained…

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Air rifle law in England looks set to change

A new government consultation proposes to strengthen air rifle law to keep air guns from being used by unsupervised under-18s. In addition, owners of small gun ranges will have to have a licence and inform the police before buying weapons. Policing Minister Kit Malthouse said: “Our gun laws are among…

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Can I set up an air pistol target range in my garden?

Would an air pistol target range at home be legal? Q: I would like to set up a simple air pistol target range in my garage. It is a secure brick garage adjoining my house but it is only a few feet up my drive from the public road and…

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Want to import a gun from the EU? Here’s what you need to know

Q: I am considering buying 
a shotgun from a friend 
who is based in France. I hold 
a European firearms pass and understand the process of travelling with a shotgun but don’t understand the process of buying one from the EU. What I want to know is what I have…

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Deactivated guns – just how has the law changed?

Q: I have a number of deactivated guns that I am told that I will now have to register. Does this mean I need to get a firearm or shotgun certificate? The latest deactivated guns law A: No, but the new rules, which came into force on 12 December 2019…

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My shotgun certificate renewal has been refused!

The police have refused to renew my shotgun certificate on the grounds that I pose a threat to public safety or the peace, citing my domestic circumstances, and the fact that I had a shotgun in the boot of my car when the FEO visited - I was about to…

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Do you have a deactivated firearm in your possession? Read on and stay within the law

All owners of deactivated weapons will now need to ensure that they notify the Home Office. From 12 December it will be a legal requirement to register the transfer of deactivated weapons with the Home Office. Notification of the possession of deactivated weapons will be staggered. Those acquired after September 2018…

carrying a knife for hunting

What’s the law on carrying a knife for hunting?

My son and his friend recently returned home with some un-paunched rabbits. When I asked him why he said they were concerned about carrying a knife in case they were stopped by police.

public footpath

Lamping on a public footpath – just how legal is it?

Q: A friend was walking his dog on a prescribed footpath at night and came across two men lamping for foxes. An argument ensued as to the right to be there. Please can you clarify how close 
you can be to a public area, such 
as a footpath, to shoot?…

how many shotgun cartridges in a slab

How many shotgun cartridges in a slab?

Is it true the performance of cartridges is reduced when they get cold? If so, how can this characteristic be overcome in frosty weather?