loader on a shoot

What is expected of a loader on a shoot?

A loader should stand by, deftly handling the Shot a loaded gun while swiftly reloading the empty one, as overhead the birds soar over in a never-ending stream. But is a loader still necessary today? We have all seen the sepia-tinted photographs of Edwardian shooting days when the aristocracy would…

becoming a loader

I want to become a loader. Should I do a course?

I have loaded for some years, and although competent, I decided it was time to get a qualification in the subject. Why  
is a loading course a good idea? One of the significant reasons for picking up a loading qualification is for health and safety purposes. Shoots and estates have…

Shotgun loaders on shoot

Shotgun loaders – why they are the hidden experts of game shooting

There are two basic ways in which loaders offer their services: either they become involved with a game shooter wherever they travel to shoot, or they contact local shoots and shooting estates to offer their services as a loader to Guns visiting that particular estate. Credibility – particularly in safety…