spaniel asleep

19 ways for shooters to keep occupied during Lockdown II

As current Government COVID rules stand, you won’t be able to go out driven gameshooting in England until 3 December 2020. In addition target shooting ranges and clay grounds are also closed until then. However BASC advice states that: “Rough shooting, wildfowling and deer management may continue during the lockdown…

game cookery projects

Five game cookery projects to take on during lockdown

So you’ve cleaned your gun, waxed your jacket, practised your gun mount in front of a mirror. What next to keep you busy during Lockdown II? Improving your game cookery. 1. Make a hot smoker It’s a delicious way and time-honoured way to cook game, venison and fish outdoors in…

pheasant shooting in Wales

Covid: Welsh ‘firebreak’ disaster for shooting, say locals

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford announced a time-limited ‘firebreak’ lockdown this week saying it would be: “A short, sharp, shock to turn back the clock, slow down the virus and buy us more time”. From 6pm Friday 23 October to 9 November people in Wales have been ordered to stay…

black Labrador puppy

How can I find the right Labrador puppy these days?

Q: I have been struggling to find a Labrador puppy because there seems to have been a big demand for them as pets during lockdown. 
 I have been advised to wait a while because it’s expected that a lot of young dogs will need to be rehomed in the…

black Labrador puppy

What your puppy will need to get used to when lockdown ends

This has been an unusual time for all of us in pretty much every aspect of our lives and dog training is no exception. In some ways lockdown has helped in that people now have more time to spend with their dogs. However, given that most were unable to leave…

choosing a gundog puppy

COVID-19 making gundog puppies pricier and harder to come by

Gundog puppies from traditional breeds such as spaniels and Labradors are becoming more expensive and harder to find due to raised demand following lockdown. Shooting Times contributor and gundog breeder Jeremy Hunt of Fenway Labradors remarked: “The demand for Labrador puppies, and not just working ones, has gone crazy. The…

clay targets

Clayshooting grounds in England that are open for business again

Clayshooters in England are celebrating the re-opening of their sport after the COVID-19 shutdown. We’ve had a look around to see which clay grounds are open again in which regions (or are about to open). If there are any to add which you think should be included, please let us…


Clay grounds in England get the green light

The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association  (CPSA) has announced that clay grounds in England can reopen in a phased return. Iain Parker, CEO,  has declared that the CPSA has now received  governmental confirmation to recommend the re-opening of clayshooting grounds.  He explains: “Over the past 48 hours we have been working…

gundog puppies and COVID-19

Gundog puppies and Covid-19. Some guidance.

Here’s some guidance on gundog puppies and COVID-19 during lockdown. It is only guidance so depending on your situation, you should contact the Kennel Club or your local vet who will have definitive advice. Viewing of a potential puppy and its litter mates should be done electronically. If you have…

dog emptying washing machine

Can you train a gundog inside?

We are living in unprecedented times. The situation with COVID-19, and the resultant social distancing and isolation, is stressful for the vast majority of us. But how is it affecting our canine friends? Some may actually be enjoying having their owners around all the time, particularly if they are used…

grey partridges

Conservation in the age of coronavirus

I write this at a time of uncertainty and trepidation for all. COVID-19 has utterly changed our lives in a few short weeks. What the ramifications will 
be, both financial and physical, in 
the medium to long-term are topics 
of much concern and speculation. Those of us who live and…

shooters going to peg

COVID-19 makes shooting season ‘a huge gamble’

Shoots around the country have been wrestling with decisions about how many birds to put down, how many days to offer and whether to shoot at all. One gamekeeper told Shooting Times: “It is an enormous gamble. Potentially we are paying thousands of pounds to buy birds, then paying thousands…