Shooting’s wasted Olympic funds

Peter Duffield, owner of the Dartford Clay shooting club, on why £45 million should be spent on making Dartford a legacy venue for the 2012 Olympics

Judges must boycott Woolwich

In the opinion of the Sportman's Association, the plan to erect a 62ft-high ballistic screen has added to the growing list of reasons not to hold the Olympic clayshooting at Woolwich Barracks

Protests over Woolwich shooting venue grow

The Sportsman’s Association announced on 27 April that it will campaign to dissuade all UK shooters from assisting in the running of shooting events at the London 2012 Olympics

Olympics minister to review shooting venues

Following the Beijing Games, Tessa Jowell has commissioned a top-level report investigating the feasibility of holding the Olympic shooting at Woolwich Barracks.