DOC trap

DOC trap

The DOC trap was designed by the New Zealand Department Of Conservation (DOC) for trapping non native species such as possums. The traps are available in the UK but have to be purchased with, and fitted into the trap box. The DOC 100 is ideal for smaller ground predators like stoats, squirrels…

Rabbit shooting with an air rifle

Rabbits love a safe environment, with plenty of food, at this time of year — I decided to make a permanent hide in a safe, fenced-off corner of the paddock for a spot of rabbit shooting. It blends into the countryside: an unobtrusive, natural-looking, safe and comfortable hide where I…

Fox control

Fox Shooting with night-vision

Night visionary Essex farmer Robert Bucknell is the doyen of fox shooting. Robert has been using night-vision devices for more than 30 years, long before the 1990-91 Gulf War brought such items to the public attention. Thermal-imaging scope Robert’s farm is peppered with high seats and vantage points of various…

Have you booked your Shooting UK Event?

Shooting UK has now launched three exciting new events for the readers of Sporting Gun, Shooting Times, Shooting Gazette and The Field – and of course, visitors to the Shooting UK website. Whether you want to find out what jobs a gamekeeper has to do throughout the year, how you have a…

Crow shooting

Crow shooting in the north of England

Here in the north of England, winter and spring can be a difficult time crow shooting to build a decent bags of corvids over decoys, as most of the crow population is dispersed during daylight feeding hours and don’t concentrate their efforts in the same area. A common sight is…

bolting bunnies

Bolting rabbits

Why do bolting rabbits appear to possess a mysterious ability to unnerve the safest and most experienced of Guns? Is it because you get no warning of whether it will be a rocket-fuelled bolter or one that shuffles casually out of a hole at a snail’s pace, followed by a…

Ferreting in the Dales

Ferreting Rabbits on the Dales

This trip wasn’t about catching rabbits. Nor was it about admiring the breathtaking scenery. It was all about the people on the warren — namely Bob Merrin and Ian “Torchie” Clayton. As a collective, these exponents of rabbiting have seen momentous changes during their lifetime. It had been a decade…

Ratting in Wiltshire

Ratting with terriers

Our ratting group moved off to the first draw, a hedge just across the road from the yard. We had a pack of six terriers and one golden retriever, which was on its knees in the hedge as Kevin fired up the old chainsaw engine and smoked the first rat…

Mole trapping

VIDEO: Mole trapping with Bob Merrin

There are an estimated 33 to 40 million European moles (talpa europaea) in the UK and they create a lot of damage that requires a great deal of time and money to correct. As a result, mole trapping has become big business. I made the journey to the Georgian harbour…

Fenn trap

Pest Control with Steve Caple: Trapping

Traditional skills of trapping and snaring go unnoticed by most people, but they are in great demand in the modern-day pest control. The trap has become the bread and butter, if not the pension, of many a rural pest controller. This is why I spent a day in the company…

Ferreting in the dales

Ferreting on the Yorkshire Dales

Each year, around the time of the clock change, I find myself, like a moth to the flame, making a pilgrimage, subliminally drawn to the ferreting on those Yorkshire hills — and this year was no exception. Several hundred miles later we concluded our journey by driving through the villages…

Simon working with Millie

Catching and cooking rabbits, the ferreting way

On this particular morning ferreting, the mist obscured the stunning countryside. The sodden ground highlighted the freshness of the morning as I started to lay my nets. Soon every long-net I possess surrounded a hedge I planned to ferret. Virgin ground, this area had never seen a ferret before, so…

harvest shooting

Shooting rabbits at harvest

The first cut of the harvest signals the start of my rabbiting year. The fields and hedgerows are a good indicator of the local rabbit population, bearing the signs of their runs and huge mounds of droppings. But will the creatures be in the crops when I get there? I…

Ferreting with traps

Ferreting with traps

Simon Whitehead punctuates the rising rabbit numbers by using the cage trap and the rabbit drop box, which both work even whilst you sleep!

pigeon magnet

Setting up a pigeon magnet

Tom Payne has been using more pigeon magnets this year than in the previous six because they work so well. Learn how to set up a pigeon magnet to boost your bag

Sealyhams – leaders of the rat pack

Nick Ridley sees what a pack of Sealyhams can do when he joins them in action on a chicken farm, hunting down that most persistent of foes – the common brown rat

long-range bullets

Long-range bullets for pest control

Most of us shoot no further than 150 yards, but some pest controllers have to take longer shots. George Wallace looks at the bullets that work best at long-range

Fox shooting with a shotgun

My pump action has a custom paint job, which helps blend it in to the surroundings and the 3.5in chamber gives me the possibilities of a range of ammunition. The other advantage to it is the Kick’s High Flyer aftermarket choke in the end of the barrel, which produces a…