harvest shooting

Shooting rabbits at harvest

The first cut of the harvest signals the start of my rabbiting year. The fields and hedgerows are a good indicator of the local rabbit population, bearing the signs of their runs and huge mounds of droppings. But will the creatures be in the crops when I get there? I…

Ferreting with traps

Ferreting with traps

Simon Whitehead punctuates the rising rabbit numbers by using the cage trap and the rabbit drop box, which both work even whilst you sleep!

pigeon magnet

Setting up a pigeon magnet

Tom Payne has been using more pigeon magnets this year than in the previous six because they work so well. Learn how to set up a pigeon magnet to boost your bag

Sealyhams – leaders of the rat pack

Nick Ridley sees what a pack of Sealyhams can do when he joins them in action on a chicken farm, hunting down that most persistent of foes – the common brown rat

long-range bullets

Long-range bullets for pest control

Most of us shoot no further than 150 yards, but some pest controllers have to take longer shots. George Wallace looks at the bullets that work best at long-range

Fox shooting with a shotgun

My pump action has a custom paint job, which helps blend it in to the surroundings and the 3.5in chamber gives me the possibilities of a range of ammunition. The other advantage to it is the Kick’s High Flyer aftermarket choke in the end of the barrel, which produces a…

sauer 202

A bruiser of a round

Watch Kate Gatacre fire the Sauer 202 in .458 Lott, which gives a bit of a bang!

The wild rabbit

The Rabbit: the ultimate survivor

I have spent decades learning to curtail the wild rabbit population and preventing the damage it leaves in its wake. The rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) is an unequivocal pest — irrespective of what it says in the dictionary, it is an animal that is in the wrong place at the wrong…

Crow shooting

Crow shooting with raptor decoys

Raptor decoys are the most common predator decoys on the UK market, they come in a variety of different sizes and species, the most common being eagle owls, peregrines and little owls. These all produce the same effect when used in the right situation. The eagle owl decoy in this…

blind decoying

Using a Blind for crow decoying

A layout blind is an incredibly versatile bit of kit when it comes to deployment in the field. The blind itself is made from waterproof camouflage sheeting similar to a ground sheet. My blind has a mossy oak shadow grass pattern printed on it, which is a good base colour…


Your essential fox-control kit

A decent rifle, a high-quality telescopic sight and a generous portion of luck are the essential items in the amateur’s fox-control kit

Rag decoys

Video: How to make a crow rag decoy

What you need to make a crow rag decoy: Stapler Scissors Small cable ties Bamboo cane Household bin bags Watch the video above for a step-by-step guide to making a crow rag decoy. Why use crow rag decoys? Using crow rag decoys is a great way of producing more sport…

Do you shoot pigeon for sport or pest control?

Here’s a question for you, do you shoot pigeon for sport or are you doing it as pest control? Under the terms of the general licences, we are only allowed to kill pigeon all year round to prevent unacceptable damage to farmers’ crops, even if that occurs during the birds’…


How to set up ferreting equipment

When preparing to ferret, ensure you have all of your ferreting equipment in your truck. You’ll need spades, a ferret finder and collars, a probe, nets, food for you and drink for you and your ferrets, your ferrets and dogs, clearance tools such as film, cutters, loppers and secateurs. Once…

Royal backing for red squirrel strategy

A new plan promoting action to protect red squirrels has received the personal approval of Prince Charles, his office has confirmed. The Accord on Squirrels in the United Kingdom sets out a long-term commitment to see “Red squirrel populations protected and thriving and greys controlled through targeted and sustained action”.…

ferreting kit

Essential ferreting equipment

Simon Whitehead goes back to basics in this video to show you the ferreting equipment he always uses. Naturally, the first tool you need for ferreting are the ferrets and the means to transport them. Simon uses a carrying box that doubles up as a seat. It’s brightly coloured so you…


Why pest control is essential if we still want to hear birdsong

Our wildlife has declined by 50 per cent in the past 40 years. Predators have gained the upper hand throughout Britain and nowhere is safe. Pest control is essential if the next generation is ever to hear birdsong, says Richard Brigham

Ferret breeding

Simon Whitehead knows a top-class ferret, with rigorous breeding, tenacity, a strong prey drive and yet is easy to handle, is often hard to find