VIDEO: Rabbit shooting over ferrets

Simon Whitehead adapts his usual techniques, inviting a friend to shoot with him over his ferrets as they tackle a rabbit problem in Norfolk

Tips for squirrel shooting

SHOOTING TIPS: Squirrel shooting! Mark, shooting coach at Grimsthorpe SG, on eliminating the grey plague.

Pest control – hooded crows

Hooded crows are a threat to spring lambs and a difficult pest to control, but Bruce Potts thinks they offer some of the most challenging shooting there is

Which guns for greys?

Squirrels offer the opportunity to match a variety of guns and techiques — it all depends on the squirrelling, says Bruce Potts

Controlling pests with poison

Controlling pests with poison

With ever-changing laws and strict guidelines on usage, it can be confusing for keepers when using poisons for the control of rodents and other pests, says Mike Swan