deer stalking

Why do we use gun slips and cases?

Gun cases that catch the wind Are we overly protective of our rifles? Are we over-using padded slips out in the field? Rifles are designed to be used outdoors, in the wind and the rain. So why do we see hill stalkers struggling up slopes with their guest’s rifle cosseted…

shooting in pregnancy

Can you go clayshooting during pregnancy?

The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association says that we can go back onto the clay grounds from 29th March 2021. We can’t wait to get back out in the fresh air again. But what if you’re expecting a baby? Can you go clayshooting during pregnancy? Is it safe? Could the noise…

Airgunning in the cold

It might be cold out there but many of the pest species we can control with airguns are much easier to pinpoint during the winter – so airgunning in the cold will probably bring the results you are looking for. Dress warmly, take the right kit and you’ll have a…

Female Gun with pheasant

Husband and wife gun cabinets – do we really need one each?

Q: I’m wondering if we need to have two husband and wife gun cabinets in our house or whether it would be legal to just have one. I shoot both rifles and shotguns and so have both a firearms licence and a shotgun licence. My wife has taken up shooting…

best ear defenders

6 of the best ear defenders from just £15

There’s no excuse not to protect your hearing when you’re out in the field, particularly when we’ve found some of the best ear defenders which come in at under £40. Ear defenders are comfortable to wear and a crucial bit of kit. We’ve all met people in the field with…

shooting in fog

A guide to shooting in bad weather

Richard Brigham's beginner's guide to shooting in bad weather explains how our varied climate can make or break a shooter's day