Carrion crow, Corvus corone

High Court rules Welsh general licences lawful

Essential pest control in Wales will be allowed to continue after Judge Jarman QC rejected the claims of Wild Justice on 18 January 2021. Wild Justice had asserted that general licences GL001, GL002 and GL004 were not lawful but in the High Court judgement all three of these claims were…

Help keep shooting on Welsh land

Shooters are being asked to help decide the future of fieldsports on Natural Resources Wales (NRW) land after new proposals for firearms use were revealed. These came about following a review allegedly launched under pressure from animal rights campaigners. NRW carried out the review into the use of firearms on…

Pen-y-Lan shoot

David Tomlinson joins a shoot where the Guns line out across two counties and the pheasants fly fast and high over the wooded Dee valley