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Is it lawful to buy shotgun cartridges without a certificate?

Section 5 of the 1988 Firearms (Amendment) Act made it an offence to sell shotgun cartridges to a person who has not produced a shotgun certificate. However, there are exceptions. For example, you may, without holding a shotgun certificate, purchase ammunition by producing some other document authorising you to possess shotguns. This could include a Section 7 temporary permit, perhaps issued during such time as your certificate is being renewed.

It could also include a British Visitors’ Permit issued to a visitor from overseas who is shooting in Great Britain. And it could also include a Northern Ireland Firearm Certificate authorising possession of shotguns. Additionally, it is lawful for a person who is not a certificate holder to present another person’s certificate to the dealer and to buy cartridges on their behalf, provided that they hold written authority from the certificate holder to do so.

Testing shotgun ammunition – Richard Atkins shares his process

Shotgun ammunition performance is something that has interested me since my youth and still does. Some may not understand why this is so but therein is the key: the more testing you carry out, the more differences you will spot. You must then ponder why some cartridges perform differently from…

Biodegradable shotgun cartridges – questions still loom

The move towards biodegradable shotgun cartridges, and wads and steel shot gets closer and closer by the day, but there are still some questions that need answering on the ramifications of the transition. I’ve been using the stuff on and off for years on shooting grounds that allow its use.…

24g shotgun cartridges

Best 24g shotgun cartridges: top picks for lightening the load

Most of us would be better off shooting 24g shotgun cartridges. The advantages of a lighter load are often underrated and misunderstood. In addition to costing less and producing lower recoil they give you better patterns. This is due to less damage being done to the pellets during ignition and…

best clayshooting cartridges

We looked for the best clay cartridges around – here’s what we found

Nowadays there is a whole selection of cartridges designed specifically for clays. Some are general-purpose, some for specific disciplines like trap and skeet and some are dedicated competition cartridges for 12-bore, 20-bore, .410 and even 28-bore. The golden rule for finding the best clayshooting cartridges is to pick the one…

fibre wad cartridge

Fibre wads – it’s time to ditch the plastic

Plastic pollution is a major cause for concern these days and as shooters we have to do our bit to protect the environment and show that we are behaving responsibly. So does that mean we should turn our back on plastic wads and make a wholesale switch to fibre wads?…

Shotgun ammunition of the year

Shotgun Ammunition of the year – Hull Cartridge High Pheasant Extreme

Shotgun ammunition of the year – Hull Cartridge High Pheasant Extreme Hull’s High Pheasant Extreme has been specifically designed for ultimate performance in the field. Catering for all species of feathered game except wildfowl, these cartridges have superb knockdown power while being very smooth to shoot. Tom Payne, a regular…

Shooting in field

What’s the best cartridge load for standard driven pheasants?

How should you tackle standard driven pheasants when you’re out in the field? The sort you’re likely to come across earlier in the season. What would be the best cartridge load for driven pheasants? Speaking from my experience as a shooting instructor I think that the cartridges a shooter uses…

best cartridges for partridges

We asked some keen partridge shooters which cartridges they use. Here’s what they said.

With the partridge season starting on 1st September, shooters are going to be thinking about the best cartridges for partridge shooting. So we asked around some experienced Guns for their tips and advice. 8 of the best cartridges for partridge shooting Gamebore Dark Storm Quad Seal Hull Cartridge Partridge Cartridge Lyalvale Express…

flying pheasant

What is the best shotgun cartridge and choke combination for pheasant shooting?

The right shotgun cartridge and choke combination for pheasant shooting could transform your days this coming season. There have been some major advances in shotgun cartridge technology in the past couple of years. To protect the environment shooters should use fibre wads. The Eley Hawk VIP Game cartridge comes in 28,…

Biodegradable cartridges

Two new eco-friendly cartridges launch in the UK

Environmentally-minded shooters and wildfowlers will welcome the arrival of BioAmmo cartridges in the UK, available in lead and steel in both clay and game loads. “They are unique” says importer Nick Levett-Scrivener of Shooting Star, speaking to Shooting UK. “There has been nothing like them in the UK before.” Fully…

pest cartridge

Cartridges and calibres for pest control

Wondering what is the best calibre for foxes? Rabbits? There are so many different species of pests – you can’t band together a rabbit and a fox – that you can’t have a single calibre for them all. So instead I am going to take a look at the various…

Pigeon shooter with dead pigeons

How to choose the right shotgun and cartridge for pigeon shooting

Shotguns and cartridges for pigeon shooting First off, what sort of gun would be best for you out in the pigeon field? Invest in the best gun you can afford. This doesn’t mean you have to buy new, there are plenty of good quality second-hand guns around. A properly made…

how many shotgun cartridges in a slab

How to choose the right cartridge for your shotgun

All a shotgun cartridge has to do is propel shot towards the target to hit it cleanly. But with all the different makes and models around it can be confusing.  So how can you choose the right cartridge for your shotgun? What you need to consider The sort of gun…

shotgun cartridge history

The evolution of the shotgun cartridge

I am going to concentrate on shotgun cartridge history and how it got to be what it is today — the cheap, waterproof, reliable, effective, safe and consistent item on which we all rely to deliver success, whatever target we engage. After all, a gun, however expensive and sophisticated, is only…

best cartridge for a shotgun

How to choose the best cartridge for your gun and your type of shooting

Which shooting cartridge you should use depends on a number of factors, but what gun you have and what you are going to shoot are the primary ones. Know your chamber size Cartridges come in different sizes, not only calibre. Having the right calibre should be obvious, but having the…

how many shotgun cartridges in a slab

How many shotgun cartridges in a slab?

Is it true the performance of cartridges is reduced when they get cold? If so, how can this characteristic be overcome in frosty weather?

shotgun cartridges

Are you using the right cartridge?

You’ll need to think about a variety of considerations to be using the right shotgun cartridge. Chamber length The cartridge you use needs to match the length of your shotgun chamber or be smaller. If you use a cartridge with a longer chamber length than your gun you are likely…