Using Larsen traps

Q) Can you explain why I have little success with my Larsen traps in the autumn and winter? I have one with a magpie and the other with a crow on my smallholding. There are plenty of magpies and crows in the area, but they seem reluctant to be caught.…

Using Bolt Traps

(Q) I recently purchased a few cage “bolt” traps while attending a country fair. At the time I thought it would be logical to use them while ferreting, but on reflection I feel unsure how or where to use them. Have you ever seen these contraptions? M. TAYLOR By email…

Game keepers urged to display trapping poster to public

The Campaign Against Accidental or Illegal Poisoning (CAIP) is encouraging game keepers and shooting enthusiasts to display a poster designed to discourage members of the public from interfering with legal traps.

How do I catch crows?

Can you advise me on best practice for operating both Larsen traps and multi-catch crow cages. What I should do with them when not in use?

What is the law on trapping polecats?

What is the law on trapping polecats?

I read that it is unlawful to deliberately catch, kill or take wild polecats. I am confused as I think the 1981 Wildlife & Countryside Act provides limited protection for polecats in Schedule 6? Please can you clarify this?