Established in 1949, the Shooting Times Woodcock Club is a unique institution, whereby membership is obtained through a right-and-left at woodcock before two witnesses.

Are you eligible for Woodcock Club membership?

2019 was a vintage year for the Shooting Times Woodcock Club, with 39 new members — compared with 19 the previous year. Current membership is over 1,400.   Applications to join are sent in by those who have shot a right-and-left at woodcock in the presence of two witnesses. The…

shooting doubles

How to nail shooting doubles

SHOOTING TIPS: Left & rights: Mark from Grimsthorpe Shooting Ground shows you how to tackle those elusive left and rights.

Woodcock Club dinner to be held at the Old Palace

Annual Woodcock Club dinner to be held at Hatfield House

We are delighted to announce the location and date of the 34th annual Shooting Times Woodcock Club dinner. The hotly anticipated event will be held at the Old Palace at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire on the 24th March 2018. The Old Palace at Hatfield House is charged with a unique…

Crowcombe Court, Woodcock Club

A grand affair: the 33rd annual Woodcock Club dinner

I turned up a little late to the 33rd Shooting Times Woodcock Club dinner on 22 April. But the road that winds its way over the Quantocks to Crowcombe Court in Somerset is not the sort of place that someone with even the vaguest appreciation of landscapes could bear to…

Shooting Times Woodcock Club

Annual Woodcock Club dinner announced for 2017

The magnificent house at Crowcombe Court was built in the 1730s in the English regional baroque style by Thomas Parker and the interior features plasterwork by Grinling Gibbons. It was described by Sir Nikolas Pevsner as: “The finest house of its date in Somerset south of the Bath area”. The…

Shooting Times Woodcock Club

How to join the Shooting Times Woodcock Club

Entry to the exclusive Woodcock Club is exacting but relatively straightforward - shoot a witnessed right and left and you're eligible. Sounds easy? Find out how to join here.

Six of the best on woodcock

Six of the best on woodcock

Have you had your chance at a right-and-left at woodcock yet? David Frost asks six keepers for their thoughts and opinions on this elusive and mystical woodland bird

Game Conservancy feather study

Find out how the Shooting Times Woodcock Club raises money for the Game Conservancy Trust's innovative feather isotope research helping us to learn more about the woodcock species

Become a woodcock contact

Become a woodcock contact

Every season Shooting Times' publishes the regular Woodcock Broadcast to report sightings of these enigmatic birds — find out how to join in.